10 Best Meat Slicers

Do you like picking the thickness of your meat? Slicing meat perfectly lets you have versatility and can enhance the flavor of your food. Large families want to use a meat slicer to get the job done quickly. Plus, the best meat slicers can get through meat or cheese effortlessly. In fact, you could make your own cold cuts from large pieces of meat, which saves a lot of money.

I’m going to talk about the 10 best meat slicer options on the market That way, you know which one is suitable for your family and needs. Let’s get started!

Short on Time? Consider These Top 3

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Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Best Overall

This model features a durable and compact design, so the meat slicer is almost intuitive and knows what you want.

BESWOOD 10-inch Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer Best for Commercial Use

It's almost silent to operate this model, so you don't have to deal with the loud whirring noise. I like the carbon steel and chromium-plated blade.

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer Best Budget

Slicing meat is much easier with this model because of the stainless steel blade. Plus, it also handles other food items.

10 Best Meat Slicers Comparison Table

Product NameWeightBlade Shape PowerPrice
Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer10.61 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
BESWOOD 10-inch Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer33 poundsRound BladeManual OperationCheck Price
Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer11 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Food Slicer14.6 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
Valley Sportsman 8.7-inch Stainless Steel Electric Slicer14 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
Della 8.7-inch Commercial Electric Meat Slicer13 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer13.1 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Food Slicer10.1 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
SUPER DEAL Premium Stainless Steel Electric Meat Slicer10 poundsRound BladeAutomatic OperationCheck Price
Unichart Manual Control with Spring and Automatic Sending Device5.5 poundsRectangular BladeManual OperationCheck Price

10 Best Meat Slicers: Detailed Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer – Best Overall

You’re probably like me and want simple things in life, including in the kitchen. The makers of the Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer have come through for us!

This model features a durable and compact design, so the meat slicer is almost intuitive and knows what you want. I feel it’s the best meat slicer because you can just put the food in the back compartment, set the knob for the thickness level, and let the slicer do the rest.

It’s important to be safe while you cut the food, and the food carriage features a lock position. That way, the food stays in place while you’re operating the meat slicer. I also think it’s great that it has a cast aluminum body, which means it’s going to withstand the challenges of your kitchen. With the stainless steel blade, you can cut almost anything needed quickly and efficiently.

10Expert Score

No matter what you have to slice, this machine can get through it! As long as you take the time to adjust the thickness, you're golden!

  • Cuts fruit, cheese, bread and vegetables
  • High torque motor with gear drive
  • Professional-grade stainless steel blade
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Non-slip feet included
  • Challenging to adjust the thickness knob

2. BESWOOD 10-inch Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer – Best for Commercial Use

Do you want more power from your meat slicer? The BESWOOD brand features carbon steel plating, so it’s durable and strong. Plus, you get 240 watts of power, so it doesn’t take long to get every slice to be uniform and delicious.

It’s almost silent to operate this model, so you don’t have to deal with the loud whirring noise. I like the carbon steel and chromium-plated blade. It’s highly durable, and it’s going to actually sharpen the blade while you use it.

If you’re worried about safety, this is the model for you. The ring guard protects the blade when you’re not using it. You can also see the on/off switch easily because it’s illuminated. That means you can reduce the risk from a power shock, and the machine automatically turns off if there’s a power surge.

I’ve found that this model is easy to clean. The one caveat here is that the machine is heavy. Though that adds more stability and doesn’t affect the slices of meat, it can be harder to store it or move it around.

10Expert Score

Those who worry about food safety can rest easy with this slicer. Though it's heavy, it does a great job!

  • Powerful motor
  • Aluminum body
  • Has top-mounted whetstones
  • NSF, ETL, and FDA-approved
  • Can slice all food types
  • Quite heavy

3. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer – Best Budget

If you usually buy deli meat in bulk, you need a convenient method for slicing it. However, many types of meat taste better when they’re thinner, and some are good when they’re thick. Therefore, if you’re looking for the ultimate best meat slicer for home use, the Cuisinart brand can help you.

This meat slicer comes with a thickness dial that offers you the option of having meat at 1/32 to 1/2 an inch thick.

Plus, you can clean the machine easily because of the die-cast aluminum housing.

I’ve found that this is a quality meat slicer, but it can move about on the counter. While that’s inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. Therefore, you should get some suction cups and put them on the bottom before you use the slicer.

Slicing meat is much easier with this model because of the stainless steel blade. Plus, it also handles other food items. Though it takes more time to cut through cheese, the food slicer comes with everything you need to do it right. There’s also a food carriage to hold the items while you cut them.

10Expert Score

Those who only need to slice meat are sure to appreciate this slicer. It's precise and powerful enough to cut through everything.

  • Precision slicing
  • Powerful 130-watt motor
  • Adjustable slice control dial
  • Strong metal housing
  • 7.5-inch blade
  • Best only for slicing meat
  • Not very stable

4. Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Food Slicer – Best for Families

Do you want an electric meat slicer that can handle almost anything? If so, then the Kitchener brand has what you need. This food slicer comes with a 9-inch blade to slice meat easily. You can do deli-style or have it thinner or thicker.

I like the serrated blade because it can cut through cheese, bread, or vegetables with little work. Plus, you can go to town on onions and cucumbers with no hassle at all.

You’re going to appreciate the coated steel blade and die-cast aluminum housing. It’s meant to go the distance and isn’t going to let you down. In fact, you can use it for many years without having to replace or service the slicer.

The sliced meat is always better when you do it yourself because you can customize it for the recipe or person eating it. I like that the food carriage holds the food for you. That way, you’re not holding the meat on the slicer and risking your fingers.

9.5Expert Score

Wen precision is what you crave, this is the model to choose. You can easily adjust the thickness, but it isn't the most powerful or fastest.

  • An impressive slicing precision
  • Suction cup feet to hold slicer in place
  • 150-watt motor
  • Stainless steel build
  • Adjustable thickness knob
  • Low power and speed

5. Valley Sportsman 8.7-inch Stainless Steel Electric Slicer – Best Value

Those who want the best meat slicer should consider the one from Valley Sportsman. You can get meat slices on the go because of the compact design. Plus, you’re going to like the food carriage cover to protect the blade while you’re traveling.

I like that the 8.7-inch blade is adjustable, so you can get slices of various thicknesses. Plus, it’s a quality meat slicer, so you can clean it easily and use it almost anywhere. If that weren’t enough, it has non-slip suction cup feet on the base so that it doesn’t move when you’re using it.

This meat slicer comes with a small housing, so it might not be suitable if you need to use it all the time. Plus, the food might not be uniform because the blades move slowly than with other slicer products.

9.5Expert Score

While you're sure to appreciate the carriage cover, this slicer may not be as precise as some of the others. If you're only using it a few times a month, it might be okay.

  • Comes with its own carriage cover
  • Has non-stick feet
  • Slice food onto the plate
  • Not suitable for slicing lots of food
  • Blade isn’t precise
  • 180-watt motor

6. Della 8.7-inch Commercial Meat Slicer

Do you want each slice to be perfect? The Della Electric Meat Slicer could be right for you. This slicer always gives you regulated and precise slices, and it’s commercial-grade.

You’re going to love the stainless steel blade, which is 8.7 inches in diameter. You don’t have to sharpen the blade because it does that during operation. Therefore, it’s always ready to use when you require a slicer.

I like that this meat slicer can be disassembled. That way, you can get it cleaned up and put away easily. If that weren’t enough, you have a food carriage to hold everything and keep your fingers protected.

An electric slicer is so important because you just turn it on and go. While it can struggle with frozen meat, it can get through that, regular meat, cheese, and more.

This slicer comes with everything you could need. However, if you want to slice large amounts, you may need to let it cool off a bit.

9.5Expert Score

Those who hate sharpening blades can appreciate the built-in sharpener. This machine slices fast, so you can enjoy meat sooner!

  • Comes with a built-in sharpener
  • Finely slices tons of food
  • Slices evenly and quickly
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Durable and solid design
  • Must let it cool after 10 minutes
  • Weak motor

7. NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer

Those who want the best meat slicer shouldn’t ignore the NESCO brand. The entire thing is made of stainless steel, so you can slice just about anything.

I really like the recessed power switch as a safety feature. You’re not going to bump it and accidentally turn it on. If you leave it on the counter, you can also use the blade guard to prevent kids from touching the slicer and hurting themselves.

The blade is made using stainless steel, too. Plus, the NESCO brand comes with serrated blades, and they’re detachable. You can take on tons of foods, including cheese and bread.

Ultimately, I find that the slicer isn’t very stable. It could move along the countertop when it’s being operated. However, you can watch it or add suction cups (not included) to fix the problem.

9Expert Score

If you've got the ability to use clips on the edge, this slicer can be a great addition to your home. With the serrated edge, you're sure to get clean cuts.

  • Adjustable thickness control option
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Serrated edge on the blade
  • Ideal for precision needs
  • Not stable
  • Hard to secure the food in place

8. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Food Slicer

Do you want a meat slicer that is stylish? I like the black finish and design of this slicer, but the stainless steel accents make it look professional. In fact, you could leave it on your counter with no problems.

I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with the style, but that’s not all you can like about this slicer. It’s easy to clean and use. There are special suction cups at the bottom to keep it in place. Plus, the model is versatile, so you can use it to slice many foods.

This slicer comes with everything you could want. The matte design helps it stand apart from the crowd. On top of that, it’s easy to clean, but it is not dishwasher safe.

Unfortunately, the slicer is made of plastic, so it can’t be as durable as aluminum or stainless steel. You are going to like that the blade is made of stainless steel, and it stays sharp. You can easily adjust the thickness of the slices of meat, cheese, and more because of the thickness knob at the side. Plus, the blade is easily removed, so you can get in and clean it up effortlessly.

9Expert Score

When you want to slice tons of different items, this is the right product. It adjusts to very thin pieces, though the plastic body construction means it's not as durable as some of the others.

  • Suitable for slicing cheese, sausage, veggies, and meat
  • Stainless steel blade (7.5 inches in diameter)
  • Non-slip construction to keep slicer in place
  • Can adjust thickness to 1/2-inch
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Not heavy-duty
  • Plastic body construction

9. SUPER DEAL Premium Stainless Steel Electric Meat Slicer

The best meat slicer is one that lets you slice whatever you want. I like the Super Deal brand because it has a 7.5-inch blade and offers 150 watts of power. Slicing meat has never been easier!

This meat slicer comes with a stainless steel blade to cut things precisely. It’s very sharp, so it can get through prosciutto with ease. If you want wafer-thin cuts, the 1/32-inch setting is for you, and you’re always going to get thin slices when you want them. However, it goes up to 3/5-inch for when you need a thicker cut.

Though the slicer is powerful, it’s still compact. You can set it on your kitchen counter easily. Plus, there’s a guard for the blade so that your fingers are safe while you’re cutting with it.

One thing you’re going to love about this slicer is that it’s versatile. It can get through fruit, boneless meat, veggies, and so much more. You’re going to use it every day!

9Expert Score

Those who want thicker slices of meat may appreciate this product. Plus, it has tons of power, though it can be hard to clean.

  • Cuts slices to 3/5-inch thick
  • Heavy-duty design (made using stainless steel)
  • Offers non-slip feet for protection
  • Suitable for slicing all foods
  • Has 150 watts of power
  • Tricky cleanup process
  • Unclear instruction manual

10. Unichart Manual Control with Spring and Automatic Sending Device

Many people buy in bulk and then store the meat in the freezer. However, it takes forever to defrost it before you slice it. With the Unichart Meat Device, that’s no longer an issue.

One reason I really like this meat slicer is that it can get through frozen meat effortlessly. You can buy all the meat you want (to save money), store it all in the freezer, and pull it out frozen to cut it. There’s no need to defrost it first!

Though this slicer comes with the ability to cut through frozen foods, the strength it offers could also be its downfall. Yes, it slices through frozen items, but that’s also all it does. It’s convenient for that aspect, but that’s not very versatile for other situations.

Still, the build of this meat slicer is durable and sturdy. You get a special control know, which helps you adjust the slice thickness. It’s easy to create 0.2 to 25mm slices easily and quickly.

I feel that this is the best slicer for frozen meat. However, you may want to cut something that you just got from the store. Unless you freeze it first, you probably can’t use this slicer. On top of that, it’s manual, so you’ve got to put in the work to get through the meat.

8.5Expert Score

If you've only got frozen meat to slice, this is the right choice for you. However, it doesn't do well for cheeses and thawed meat.

  • Can adjust it for different thicknesses
  • Only weighs 2.3 pounds
  • Has a stainless steel build
  • Doesn’t cut cheese
  • Can only slice frozen meats
  • Not ideal for steak sliding

Buyer’s Guide

Many other meat slicer reviews don’t include a buyer’s guide. I feel that it’s important so that you know what features you need or could have.

The best meat slicers should be able to cut through veggies, cheese, and everything else. Though you need to learn how to use a meat slicer, you want it to be safe and have plenty of power. That way, you can cut through various types of meat.


Most meat slicers come with a strong motor that delivers 130 watts of power or more. Your meat slicer might be gear-driven or belt-driven. I feel that gear-driven meat slicers are more powerful to handle different food items.


The blade size of the meat slicer is important because it has to fit the type of meat you’re cutting. Typically, it’s going to have either a serrated blade or a smooth blade. I find that a smooth blade is best for cutting thin slices of meat, but they don’t do well with other food or tough cuts.

A serrated blade is stronger, so you can get uniform slices of bread, meat, and cheese.

You can adjust the thickness of your slices with the control knob or dial. That way, you can cut meat that fits your needs. When there’s a wider range, the meat slices can be super thick or super thin.


Most kitchen appliances, including meat slicers, are noisy, and they run between 60 and 70 decibels. You want one that’s as quiet as possible, though. However, remember that the machine might get louder the longer you operate it.

Safety Features

Most meat slicers come with the best safety features. You don’t want to cut your fingers while you’re slicing the food. The blade is going to be very sharp, but there are ways to protect yourself. A recessed power button prevents you from accidentally turning the meat slicer on. Plus, you need a blade guard system to put a barrier between the blade and your fingers.

I also prefer a blade-lock function so that the blade doesn’t move when you don’t need it.

Ease of Cleaning

Another consideration I have to point out is whether or not the meat slicer is easy cleaning. The main part is the blade because it does all the dirty work. All of the slicers I focused on did not have parts that could go in the dishwasher. It’s important to clean the blade thoroughly, but you should be very careful. Also, look for a meat slicer that has a removable blade.


What Is a Meat Slicer?

A meat slicer is a machine used in the kitchen to cut the meat of almost any size. It can also slice up the meat, cheese, poultry products, and sausage. Some of them even cut through veggies easily.

Most meat slicers operate with an arm that produces a reciprocating motion when it rotates. However, technological advancements don’t need a crank anymore; they use electricity. With just a touch of the button, you can slice the meat and other foods into the right size.

They can vary in size. For example, big restaurants serve thousands of people and need large meat slicers. They’re often heavy and eat up your power.

Hand-held meat slicers are also great. I recommend a medium-sized one because it sits on the table, and the meat slicer can be stored away when it’s not being used.

What Are the Benefits of a Good Meat Slicer?

Often, the best meat slicers can do so many things. Here are the top benefits of using a meat slicer:

  • Efficiency – A food slicer is powerful, so it slices foods faster than doing it by hand.
  • Uniform – The pieces of meat are cut at the same size, so you don’t have huge hunks or super-thin slices.
  • Easy to Use – Usually, you just put the meat on the meat slicer, set the functions, and turn it on.
  • Save Money – You can buy your meat in bulk and use the food slicer to cut it to the right thickness.

What Are Some Common Problems People Have with Meat Slicers?

A meat slicer has tons of benefits, but some people might have problems. I know that I’ve had issues with these things in the past:

  • Too noisy
  • Buildup of food
  • Slippery base
  • No power
  • Dull blades

I recommend that you clean the blade each time you use your meat slicer. That way, no food buildup happens. Plus, it could rot, and it’s going to smell bad and could contaminate the next meat you cut.

Sometimes, the meat slicer is too noisy. If it’s always been like that, I’m afraid you’re stuck. However, if it just started making noise, the gears might be a little off. You may need to have it serviced or buy a new food slicer.

When you turn it on, it should start whirring and cutting. You may need to plug it in or try the power switch a few times.

Make sure that you pick meat slicers with rubber feet. That way, they don’t slip or fall off the counter. You can also buy more rubber pads to replace any worn-off feet.

It’s also important to keep the blade sharp. You can do that by using a sharpener, but many offer built-in sharpening features.

Final Thoughts

The best meat slicers give you a smooth operation, tons of power, and are highly efficient. They should be easy cleaning, where the parts come off and can be soaked in warm, soapy water.

I feel that the best meat slicer for home use is the Chef’s Choice 615A. It offers enhanced stability, a safety guard, and is safe to operate.

Ultimately, I like that it’s versatile enough to handle many food items. Plus, it has 120 watts of power, so the machine is reliable.

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