Best Infrared Grill Models in 2022 – Buy Smart

Grilling is a popular pastime in the USA and almost a religion in some of the Southern States. It’s a great way to get the family together for a delicious meal and experiment with new flavors and dishes together. If you’re new to grilling, you might be flabbergasted by the sheer number of options that you have when looking for a new grill. In addition to more traditional options, infrared grills are quickly becoming popular, too.

Why use an infrared grill? Compared to a liquid propane gas grill, an infrared grill is generally much more environmentally-friendly, sears far more evenly, and is quieter. You don’t need to worry about the smell or effect of burning gas or coal, either. While this does affect the flavor of your food, some people prefer the taste of meat or vegetables cooked on an infrared grill.

This begs the question: what is the best infrared grill? There are plenty of grills on the market now that use infrared technology, and this can make it difficult to narrow down your choice and eventually choose one to buy. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most popular infrared grills on the market, many of which double as a liquid propane gas grill.

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Saber Grills R50SC0017

Saber Grills R50SC0017 3-Burner Grill Best Overall

You can actually adjust the temperature of this grill, which is an unusual feature for an infrared grill. However, this gives you far more flexibility in your cooking.
Char-Broil Performance Series™ 340S

 Char-Broil TRU Performance Series™ 340S Best for Everyday

Char-Broil has made a name for itself in recent years by manufacturing affordable infrared grills- something that used to be unheard of.
Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go

 Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Best Portable Model

Char Broil's x200 portable tru infrared is a fantastic model for those looking for a portable infrared grill. 
Disclaimer text….

We’ve based our selection on customer feedback, as well as professional reviews and guidance from experts. With this list, you should feel much more confident about going into purchasing a new grill, and you can base your selection on trying to buy the best overall infrared grill or the best choice for someone with your needs.

This is because we have broken our list down into selections for different preferences. In addition to nominating an infrared grill that we think is the best overall, we have also named the best budget infrared grill, best infrared grill for cooking meat, and so on. We hope this is useful to you and helps you to make the most informed decision possible.

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Comparison Table

Infrared GrillsDimensionsWeightMaterialReview
Saber R50SC001756.5 L x 25.0 W x 48.4 H187.2 lbsStainless steelCheck Price
Char-Broil Performance137.5 x 59.4 x 115.7 cm41 kilogramsStainless steelCheck Price
Char-Broil Grill2Gro39.9 x 60.2 x 34.5 cm9.7 kilogramsStainless steelCheck Price
Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/947.48 x 21.85 x 16.93 inches15.66 lbsAluminumCheck Price
Char-Broil Bistro61.6 x 65.1 x 97.5 cm16.4 kilogramsStainless steelCheck Price
Char-Broil Signature 62.4 x 139 x 117.4 cm66 kilogramsStainless steelCheck Price
Char-Broil Advantage 445S144 x 59.5 x 115.5 cm52 kilogramsStainless steelCheck Price
Magma Newport 222.5 x 11.63 x 11.63 inches19.94 lbsStainless steelCheck Price
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What is the Best Infrared Grill to Buy?

Here is our list of some of our favorite infrared grill choices. As mentioned above, we have chosen a grill that we think is the best overall infrared grill, as well as naming different options for people with particular preferences.

1. Saber Grills R50SC0017 3-Burner Grill, Stainless Steel – Best Infrared Grill Overall

If you’re looking for a manufacturer of infrared grills, then Saber is a great option. The company has developed its own infrared technology for grilling and cooking food, and this system is known for being efficient and cost-effective. It’s worth noting that this model is one of the most expensive on our list, but for good reason – the grill has a number of fantastic features, which lower-end infrared grills simply don’t offer.

One of these is the temperature control function in the cooking system. Many infrared grill models only offer one temperature, making it difficult to use the grill flexibly or for different applications. The Saber 3 burner gas grill is an exception to this- using the Saber infrared technology cooking system, you can actually adjust the temperature of the grill plate itself.

Saber grills are also known for being constructed of high-quality material, and the Cast 500 32-inch is no exception. It’s made of 304 stainless steel and is very resistant to heat damage. This model has an incredible 500 square inches of cooking space and provides very even heat across the entirety of this grilling area.

In addition, the Saber has a 175 square inch warming rack, making it effortless for you to cook a variety of dishes at different speeds and then serve them all at the same time.

Saber claims that the model is much more efficient than other models that use propane gas. However, you can convert the Saber model to a standard natural gas grill with a conversion kit. This makes the Saber a great investment in and of itself, in addition to its features.

9.5Expert Score

We feel that this is one of the best infrared grills you can buy, period. It has its drawbacks, like all models, but it works very well overall and can be converted to a natural gas grill easily. It has 500 square inches of cooking surface, and the heat distribution across the Saber's cooking area is very even. As a <strong>500 3 burner</strong>, the grill performs excellently. You can actually adjust the temperature of the Saber grill as well, which isn't typical for infrared grills but is a fantastic feature. Overall, this is probably the best infrared grill available today- a very solid grill Char-Broil option.

  • The 175 square inch warming rack makes it easy to keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve it, meaning you don’t need to worry about having everything ready at the same time or wrapping it in foil.
  • This Saber model is built with sturdy, 304 stainless steel construction, meaning it feels very reliable and solid when you use it. You can rest assured that this grill is worth the investment in the end- it’s hardy and resilient, and doesn’t mark easily. It’s also resistant to heat and pressure damage.
  • The fact that you can convert the Saber to a natural gas grill without much effort makes it especially versatile.
  • It’s very easy to clean the Saber Cast 500 32-inch model. You can generally clean the primary cooking surface with a simple brush and some gentle soap.
  • Cooking with the Saber is very straightforward. Not only is it easy to use, but flare-ups are not an issue with this grill at all. Flare-ups can be a nightmare when you’re cooking food, which is why it’s a relief knowing that you don’t have to worry about them when cooking with the Saber.
  • You can actually adjust the temperature of this grill, which is an unusual feature for an infrared grill. However, this gives you far more flexibility in your cooking.
  • This grill can get quite smoky. However, this isn’t unusual with infrared grills in general and is something of a trade-off for the lack of flare-ups.
  • The thermometer doesn’t work very well. Finding a grill with a good thermometer is basically an exception to the norm, though. Thermometers on grills are often inaccurate and not very responsive. It’s a bit difficult to find and read, and frankly, doesn’t work too well overall.

2. Char-Broil TRU Performance Series™ 340S – 3 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill – Best Everyday Option

Most people don’t need a high-performance infrared grill with lots of different features. If you’re looking for a dependable, hardy infrared grill with you can use to grill a variety of foods, then the Char-Broil Performance TRU infrared is a great option for your next grill. Char-Broil has made a name for itself in recent years by manufacturing affordable infrared grills- something that used to be unheard of.

With the Char-Broil TRU Infrared grill, you get 450 square inches of cooking space, which is more than enough for most people and most meals. The even heat distribution across the cooking area makes the grill easy to use, and the Char-Broil TRU Infrared has a porcelain-coated warming rack. This makes it easy to keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve it.

In addition, the Char-Broil TRU has a porcelain coated lid and firebox. This makes these parts far more durable, and the Char-Broil grill stands up well to punishment and heavy use. The 10 000 BTU side burner makes this infrared grill especially powerful, and at such an affordable price, you’d be crazy not to give this model a go.

The Char-Broil TRU infrared grill has an electronic ignition system, so this grill lights up quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to spend ages waiting for the cooking space to warm up before you can start to grill. Also, the Charl Broil TRU infrared grill has solid wheels, making this model an especially portable infrared propane gas grill.

9.5Expert Score

This infrared grill is a great option for the average person, who doesn't need an infrared grill with a huge primary cooking area, or the most high-performance grill that they can find. The Char Broil TRU is a dependable model with parts made of stainless steel and porcelain-coated cast iron, and other great features like a warming rack and fast ignition system. The side burner is also very convenient.

  • The wheels on this infrared grill make it easy to move around and maneuver.
  • This grill is relatively affordable, especially considering its great features and design. As such, we consider this to be one of the most accessible models on the list, and is definitely one of the best overall infrared grills, especially for the average person who doesn’t need a high-performance model.
  • The infrared burner is easy to clean, and resilient. Compared to a burner gas grill, it doesn’t take long to clean grease or build-up off this grill, and you don’t need to clean it as often, either. With 450 square inches of cooking surface, you should have plenty of room for grilling.
  • The Char Broil TRU model is as an easy TRU infrared smoker.
  • The infrared burner can be difficult to clean. This model has holes in the infrared plates, and it’s quite common for food or grease to get stuck in them. When this happens, the food or grease can quickly accumulate and harden or dry out, making it somewhat time-consuming to properly clean this model.
  • The location of the propane tank is a bit awkward. You find the propane tank on the Char Broil TRU under the model itself, where other grills have shelves for extra storage. This means you potentially have less storage space with the Char Broil TRU than you might with other models.

Using TRU infrared technology and a 10 000 btu side burner, the cooking surface provides uniform heat, and the side shelves have a decent amount of space for storage. If you’re looking for 1 Char Broil grill that is affordable but dependable, then this is probably the best choice for you.

3. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill – Best Portable Model

Char Broil’s x200 portable tru infrared is a fantastic model for those looking for a portable infrared grill. While it might not be the most powerful option for those who want to try infrared cooking, this portable grill is easy to use and carry, with 200 square inches of cooking surface.

The broil grill2go x200 portable tru could be a great solution for your next camping or boating trip. In comparison to using a burner gas grill, this portable grill has a smaller primary cooking area, but it’s still big enough to handle cooking a number of burgers or sausages.

Though it might be small, the Char Broil Grill2Go x200 produces an impressive amount of even heat across its cooking space. In addition, it only weighs 20 pounds. This is a great choice for portable infrared cooking, which might be appealing to you if you want the advantages of an infrared grill but in a portable size.

9.5Expert Score
Pros & Cons

At a glance

  • The portability of this model is one of its greatest advantages. Having an infrared burner with a grilling area that is still a decent size means you can cook a surprisingly wide variety of food, despite the fact that the Grill2Go is so small. It produces fairly uniform heat once you’ve fired it up, and it has enough space on the cooking surface for about six burgers at once.
  • While it’s a smaller and more affordable model, this doesn’t mean that the Grill2Go feels like a ‘budget’ choice. The latches are made of polished stainless steel, and the firebox is made of aluminum. This is a model that can take a beating, and you should be grilling with it for years to come if you take care of it properly.
  • This model can be quite difficult to clean. While grilling, grease and food parts tend to build up pretty quickly, and the cooking plates especially can rust quite quickly if you don’t make sure to maintain them properly.
  • Not only does this grill not offer temperature control, but the heat it gives off is actually a bit much at times. You may need to buy a valve to use with the grill in order to be able to cook certain types of food without burning it or drying it out. This is especially true when this infrared grill doesn’t come with a regulator.

4. Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/94 Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill – Best Mini Portable Grill

The Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/94 portable infrared grill is probably the lightest on the market. Weighing only 15 pounds, this is the best infrared grill for you if you want the absolute smallest and lightest option that you can find. The fact that it’s so small doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well, though. It gives off a decent amount of heat and is resilient, being made of stainless steel.

One of the main challenges with this portable infrared propane gas grill is the primary cooking area. This grill is made for cooking smaller quantities of food. However, the gas grills do provide even heat distribution, and flare-ups are almost unheard of with this model. The grill also maintains its temperature very consistently, once it’s reached its cooking temperature 446 Fahrenheit.

Still, you can grill around six burger patties at once with this model, which should be plenty if you’re not using it at home. The infrared liquid propane gas system is easy to install, and the stainless steel construction makes this infrared gas grill much hardier than it might look at first glance.

9Expert Score

If you want the smallest and lighest possible grill that uses infrared technology, then the Solvaire might be the thing for you. While it doesn't have a huge cooking area or side burner, it's the best infrared grill for those who prioritize portability, and still has enough square inches of primary cooking space for six burgers or so.

  • This grill is so light, you can take it just about anywhere with ease.
  • The primary cooking surface performs well. It’s hardy, and you can cook lots of different types of food easily, thanks to its even heat distribution and infrared technology. While this isn’t one of the best infrared grills out there based on performance, we think it’s incredibly impressive given its size and light weight.
  • This model is very easy to clean. When it cooks meat, the Philips HD6371/94 separates grease from fat while it grills, meaning that it doesn’t build up on the grill. Cleaning the grill is also very quick and straightforward, thanks to its grease-proof coating. You can even put this grill in the dishwasher!
  • The Philips portable grill only provides fairly limited cooking space. While it should be enough to cook six burgers at once, it does limit you a bit in terms of the grilling you can do. If you want to make larger quantities of food, then you should look for a model with more square inches of primary cooking space.

5. Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240B – Single Burner Barbecue Grill – Best Patio Grill

If you want a fairly powerful infrared grill, but need something small enough to fit in your patio, then the Char-Broil TRU Patio Bistro Gas Grill is a possible solution. This Broil TRU infrared patio gas grill offers 240 square inches of grilling space, which means that you should easily be able to grill around 12 burger patties at once with this model.

This is also a great option due to its cabinet liquid propane gas storage. You store the burner cabinet liquid propane under the grill, instead of putting it on side shelves. This means you have a bigger cooking area while taking up less energy or fuel. Also, this is a relatively portable infrared propane gas grill, coming with wheels that make it easy to move the model around with ease.

The ignition system on the TRU infrared Patio Bistro responds quickly, meaning the unit doesn’t take much time at all to give off a nice amount of heat. Also, the TRU infrared Patio Bistro is very easy to clean. You simply need to close the lid and turn up the heat, and most of the build-up burns away within the infrared patio bistro gas grill. Then, you can scrape off any residue afterward, if necessary.

This TRU infrared patio bistro grill is also one of the more affordable liquid propane gas grill options out there, making this a great choice given its impressive performance. If you want a patio grill that is worth investing in, then the Char-Broil TRU infrared patio bistro gas grill is unlikely to let you down.

9Expert Score

This is one of the few best infrared grills for those who want a patio option, without something truly portable like the broil grill2go x200 portable. If you want an elegant patio grill that offers fairly high performance, then this is the best choice for you.

  • This model is fantastic for saving space. If you already have another grill and you want a smaller one to use on the side, then the Char-Broil Patio model could be for you.
  • Despite the fact that it utilizes TRU infrared technology and an electronic ignition system, this model is fairly affordable, making it a good entry-level option for those looking for their first liquid propane gas grill.
  • Unfortunately, this grill is not quite as resilient as some of the performance TRU infrared models. The paint comes off quite easily, for example. As it’s not made of stainless steel, it can also dent somewhat easily.
  • The Broil TRU infrared patio grill can be quite confusing to assemble. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to put it together!

6. Char-Broil 463255020 Signature TRU Infrared 4-Burner Cabinet Style Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Signature TRU is a great option if you want something of a powerhouse. Made of stainless steel and with 420 square inches of grilling space, you can rely on the Char-Broil Signature TRU for your 3 burner infrared option.

While it isn’t the largest model out there, the 420 3 burner infrared cooking surface should be plenty for most chefs. The Char-Broil Signature TRU also has a lid-mounted temperature gauge, which is helpful for keeping track of how much heat your grill is giving off. Made of stainless steel, the Char-Broil Signature TRU model is hardy and reliable.

8.5Expert Score

This Char Broil model is probably the best option for those who want a powerful grill, but not something as pricey as Saber grills can be. Gas grills like these are high-performance and dependable without breaking the bank. The cabinet liquid propane gas system makes it easy to use burner cabinet liquid propane, too.

  • The Broil Signature Tru infrared grill gives no flare-ups whatsoever. The cooking surface gives very even heat, too.
  • Side shelves make the Broil Signature Tru infrared model a great option for those who want a bit of extra storage.
  • The Broil Signature TRU Infrared has 420 square inches of primary cooking surface is plenty for most people.
  • The Broil Signature TRU infrared isn’t very portable.

7. Char-Broil Advantage Series 445S – 4 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared Technology

Unlike the Char-Broil Grill2Go x200, this is a more powerful model, but it’s not quite as powerful as some of the other grills on this list. What makes this model special is the various features it has. In addition to the grill itself, this model comes with a warming rack, side burners, temperature gauge, and more. You can also choose how many burners you would like your Char-Broil Advantage to have- the model comes with two, three, or four.

8.5Expert Score

This grill is a great option for people who enjoy having extras when they grill, but might not need the most powerful or best infrared grill money can buy.

  • This grill is easy to use, and flare-ups are very infrequent.
  • Plenty of different, handy features, which you can use to make grilling easier and more enjoyable. With the warming rack, temperature gauge, and its side burner, you can ensure that your food is perfectly grilled every single time.
  • Its special features are definitely useful, but there isn’t much else to set this grill apart from other models. There are other, more powerful infrared grills that also have these special features, and it’s not as portable as the smaller grills out there, either.

8. Magma Products Newport 2 Infrared Gourmet Series Gas Grill

The Newport 2 is a professional-standard grill for chefs who need a bit of extra power. This is the best option for those who want something small, but high-performance. Made of stainless steel, this elegant grill comes with a propane tank and is resilient to external and internal damage.

8Expert Score

We think the Gourmet Series Gas Grill by Magma Products should be grill 1 for those with a larger budget, who want a higher-end, stainless steel grill which uses infrared liquid propane gas, and is smaller than the Sable.

  • Magma Products are known for being sturdy, and the gourmet series gas grill is no exception. It gives off a decent amount of heat and is one of the most elegant gas grills available. You can grill best and easiest with a model like this.
  • The serving shelf is separate, meaning this grill doesn’t have the most storage space.
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Is an Infrared Grill Better?

Depending on the type of cooking you do, an infrared grill may be best. The best infrared grills are made of stainless steel (like gas grills) and are much more environmentally friendly, too.

Are Infrared Grills Worth the Money?

The best infrafred grills should perform as well as any other type of grill while being much more efficient. In addition, most high-end infrared grills have great features, like a side burner or porcelain-coated parts, making them just as high-performance as their gas counterparts.

Are Infrared Grills Better than Regular Gas Grills?

This depends on the type of food you want to cook. Gas grills and infrared grills have their own respective advantages. When it comes to cooking certain types of food, gas grills sometimes give off a stronger flavor than infrared grills. However, infrared grills are more environmentally friendly.

Reading grill reviews also shows that most users are perfectly satisfied with infrared grills. There’s also a huge range of infrared grills available. You can get infrared grills with 5 x burners, 4 x burners, or models so portable they offer 200 square inches or 240 square inches of cooking space. A model with 5 x or 4 x burners should still be efficient and environmentally-friendly.

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Before Buying: What to Look For in an Infrared Grill

If you’re considering buying an infrared grill, we recommend that you make sure that you read a number of other grill reviews, in addition to this article. Infrared grilling is still a relatively new practice, and it certainly isn’t difficult to find an infrared propane gas grill that doesn’t work well.

There are advantages to using an infrared propane gas grill, though. Compared to cooking with gas or charcoal or wood chips, cooking with an infrared gas grill is better for the environment, and is just as good of an option for cooking delicious food. Some of the best infrared grills are smaller, having a cooking surface of just 200 square or 240 square inches. However, this is more than enough for most people. You might make some of the best food of your life with a small infrared grill.

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