How to Buy a BBQ Smoker

So you’ve decided to buy a barbecue smoker. But where do you start? There are several different types out there. You can choose from wood chips, charcoal, and even electric smokers. Which type is right for you? Here are some tips. Buying a barbecue smoker requires a few things. Make sure you look for a good warranty and good customer service. Buying a smoker will help you have the barbecue of your dreams!

Wood chips

You should think about the type of wood chips you use in your smoker before you start cooking. The wood you choose should complement the type of meat you are preparing. There are two types of wood chips for smokers: savory and sweet. For a great flavor combination, choose a wood chip that is close to sawdust consistency. The best wood chips for smokers are made from natural hardwoods like apple, cherry, and alder. The flavors they produce are diverse and work well with different types of meat and vegetables.

After choosing the type of wood chip you plan to use, make sure you store it correctly. If you plan to smoke meats, indirect heat is the best option. The cooking grate should be placed over the fire and the wood chip pouch should be placed over it. Make sure the lid is secure and has a small gap so that the smoke can enter. If you plan to smoke foods slowly, use wood chips that will complement the flavors of your food.

Another option is to buy a BBQ smoker that includes wood chips. Some smokers come with a separate compartment for wood chips. Others have smoker boxes that sit on top of the grill’s grate or burners. Smokers can be used with foil pouches or pans. Make sure to soak your wood chips before you use them to delay the burning process. This will prevent the smoke from being filtered through the food.

You can also use wood chunks. These are larger pieces of hardwood and are usually less than two inches long. They can help produce more smoke for a longer period of time and can be used in gas or electric smokers. You can buy them almost anywhere. But make sure to choose wood chips that are not too thick and will not burn too fast. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a delicious barbecue!

When choosing your chips, make sure you consider the type of meat you plan to smoke. For example, oak chips impart a sweet and smoky flavor to meat. However, it can be overwhelming if used with poultry. Choosing the right wood chips for your smoker is an important part of the process. If you want to smoke meat for a long period, use oak wood chips. But don’t overlook the other types of wood chips, too.


Before you purchase a charcoal BBQ smoker, make sure you know what you need. Charcoal smokers come in different shapes and sizes. A bullet smoker is the most popular type. Water smokers are smaller and more compact, but they can maintain a steady temperature for hours. They have three adjustable vents on the lower section that control the temperature. The middle section of the smoker includes a water pan and two cooking grates. You can also adjust the grill’s temperature with a built-in thermometer.

If you have a budget, a cheap smoker is an option. A Weber Q-Series charcoal smoker is the cheapest option, with only 395.4 square inches of cooking space. However, it has a few disadvantages. The charcoal tray is not deep enough, so you need to make adjustments. Also, there is no place for the ash to fall. However, you can make a grate in the charcoal pan to fix this. If you want to have more airflow, you can buy a smoker that features a fan.

Depending on the size of your smoker, you can buy a hinged cooking grate, which makes it easy to add more charcoal as needed. When using a hinged grate, the lid should be open so that the air can pass freely. As the charcoal burns, the temperature will fall, so you should check the food regularly to avoid overcooking. Also, use a long-handled grill brush to scrape any food that may stick to the cooking grate.

When buying a charcoal smoker, make sure you choose one with a bigger grill surface. Charcoal smokers are great if you like indirect cooking, as well as dual-zone setups. They also allow you to use a separate cooking zone for each zone. Charcoal smokers are the most versatile of all BBQ smoking devices, and you should look for a model that is able to do it all.

Once you have decided to buy a charcoal BBQ smoker, you can decide which type best suits your needs. If you need a simple one for the occasional dinner party, you can choose a basic round charcoal grill. For larger meals, you can invest in an insulated charcoal grill. This way, you can control the temperature and avoid overcooking. However, the main goal when using a charcoal smoker is to get the perfect smoke flavor for your food.


If you’re thinking about buying a BBQ smoker, consider propane as a fuel. It is more convenient to shop for propane smokers, and the process of buying them is simple. However, there are a few differences between propane and wood chips. Wood chips have to be replaced frequently, and propane smokers can’t be used in the same way. A pellet smoker is simpler than a gas grill, though. Regardless of fuel type, make sure to look for a smoker with easy access to wood chips. Most pellet smokers feature two doors, while others have separate chip trays.

While propane smokehouses are inexpensive, they may leak easily. To remedy this problem, buy a smoker with a high-temp gasket seal. Despite the fact that propane smokers tend to leak, leaking smokers will have no impact on the taste of your smoked food. Propane smokers feature a simple design with a gas burner at the bottom and a propane tank above it. Unlike wood smokers, vertical propane smokers don’t require a tank room. These smokers also require less space and don’t produce soot.

Compared to charcoal and wood smokers, propane smokers can be easier to maintain. Propane smokers usually come with push button ignition. However, propane smokers tend to be narrow and therefore might not be as easy to use as smokers made of other materials. Some meats may not fit into a propane smoker without being cut in half or trimmed. You must also be prepared to change the propane tank frequently, so make sure to buy a spare tank.

When purchasing a BBQ smoker, consider the fuel type. The most common gas used in smokers is propane. Propane tanks come in small tanks and are readily available at most hardware stores. You will need a regulator and hose to supply the gas. Some residences have large in-ground tanks that store propane. In this case, you will need a special regulator to supply the gas to the grill.


The Coleman Electric BBQ Smoker is a smaller smoker with a single wall insulation design. Because of this, it does not retain heat as well as a more powerful electric smoker. Still, it is a small investment and will return its value in a short amount of time. Its small size makes it easy to maneuver as well. It is a good choice for those who don’t need a large smoker. But if you do, we would recommend the Coleman Electric Smoker.

Before using the Electric BBQ Smoker, you should always season it. This will burn off any residues that may have accumulated during the manufacturing process. You can do this by using a light cooking oil and running it at 275degF for three hours. You should also add some wood chips to the chip tray, as these will produce smoke and prime the smoker. Once it has reached the desired temperature, you can start cooking. Don’t forget to clean the drip tray, too.

If you’re new to smoking meat, you can start with pork butt. This tender cut has a higher melting point than other cuts and will be less flavorful. Once you’ve learned how to manage the temperature, try smoking different types of cuts of meat and experimenting with different rubs and injections. This way, you can create the perfect BBQ meal. If you’re not comfortable with the controls on your smoker, you can purchase a cheaper version.

While the charcoal grill produces less smoke than the electric smoker, it is still easier to maintain. Charcoal smokers need to be cleaned regularly and can easily be rusted with the proper maintenance. However, the electricity-operated smoker can be more expensive, and the electronic parts may not be compatible with the outdoors. Additionally, you’ll likely have to hire a professional to install the electric smoker for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which model will work best for you.

The Masterbuilt Big Chief Electric Smoker features an embossed aluminum construction and a non-adjustable heating element. This smoker offers 730 square inches of cooking space. It includes chrome plated racks and a built-in digital thermometer. It has a water pan and drip pan. It also features a top loading option and premium smoke ventilation. The Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker also allows you to monitor your smoking process with your smartphone.

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