Things to Look For When Buying a BBQ Side Burner

A side burner is a smaller cooking surface that is separate from the main cooking grate. This allows you to cook smaller foods such as sauces. If you don’t plan on using your side burner for cooking, you can use it as a work station. Here are some things to look for when buying one. Keep reading for more information! Once you’ve found the perfect barbecue side burner for your needs, you’ll have a whole new world of possibilities.

It is a separate cooking surface

Compared to the main grill grate, the side burner has a smaller cooking surface. It can only accommodate a small grill pan, saucepan, or cooking pot. Nevertheless, this additional surface makes it easy to prepare several courses at once. Another benefit of the side burner is that it keeps basting liquids warm and can accommodate multiple heat levels. Therefore, it is a great feature for outdoor cooks.

Besides serving as a separate cooking surface for the meat, a BBQ side burner is also useful for the sauces that accompany it. This is because sauces need different temperatures than meat. This additional cooking surface allows you to control the temperature for sauces. It is an energy-saving feature. However, there are some drawbacks to using it. You may have to clean it more often, which is a waste of energy.

Generally, side burners are used for cooking side dishes that you would normally cook on the main grill. The side burner is an independent cooking surface fueled by natural or propane gas. The side burner is situated at the side of the grill and works in the same manner as a conventional gas stove. You can place a pan or another cooking vessel on it and control its temperature and cooking time.

It is smaller than the main cooking grate

The bottom grate is smaller than the main cooking grate. This allows you to cook food directly on the grate. Installing it is as easy as removing the main grate and installing the smaller top cooking grate. Attaching the spacers is easy. Simply fasten them on the bottom grate using the four x 5/16″ bolts. Once in place, attach the second cooking grate on top of the bolts.

It allows you to cook sauces

A barbecue side burner is perfect for cooking sauces and glazes. These recipes are more likely to turn out well when cooked at a lower temperature than meat. This side burner features a temperature control knob that allows you to adjust the temperature. This feature is ideal for barbecues, where sauces and glazes need to be kept warm, but not at the same temperature as the meat. Here are the advantages of a BBQ side burner.

Another advantage of the side burner is its versatility. This burner can be used to prepare simple side dishes and reheat beverages. If the power goes out, you can use the side burner to make simple dishes. Depending on your cooking skills and your preferences, you can even use the side burner for simple barbecue recipes. It is a great way to expand your barbecue repertoire. Listed below are some of the many recipes you can make with a BBQ side burner.

The main benefit of a barbecue side burner is convenience. You can cook any type of food on it, including side dishes and sauces. Another advantage of a side burner is that it allows you to conserve energy and lessen your monthly energy bill. For example, the side burner on a barbecue is a good place for sauces and marinades, as they can be cooked without affecting the main grill.

In addition to cooking sauces, you can also use the side burner for grilling vegetables and side dishes. These small cooking areas provide full control of temperature, so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. You can also cook side dishes like Italian sausages or char peppers and vegetables on the barbecue. And don’t forget to use the side burner for your favorite sauces and glazes!

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