Weber Spirit Vs Victory Gas BBQ Grills Comparison

In this Weber Spirit vs Victory Gas BBQ grills comparison, you’ll learn about the features and benefits of each one, as well as the industry-leading 10-year warranty that Weber offers. Plus, you’ll discover which one is cheaper. Ultimately, your decision will depend on the features that are important to you. If you’re in the market for a new grill, the Spirit may be the best choice.

Weber Prestige vs Victory gas grills

In this Weber Spirit vs Victory gas-grills comparison, you will learn about the Victory grill’s many advantages. Designed in 2021, this grill is built to keep backyard BBQ champs happy and able to savor the moments they create. Its engineers have performed thousands of tests to ensure that each grill features the right combination of performance, price, and features. It offers the most value for your money and makes celebrating everyday victories easy.

The main features of the Weber Spirit gas grill include porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars and a high-quality, 30,000-BTU burner. Compared to the Victory gas grill, the Weber Spirit offers more cooking space with 529 square feet of cooking surface. Its durable stainless steel construction makes it a great choice for outdoor cooking. You can cook a variety of foods on the Spirit grill, including searing and indirect cooking.

Similarly, the Victory and Spirit gas grills have different cooking styles. Weber has a smoking feature that allows you to grill meats and fish on different temperatures. You can add woodchips to the smoker compartment and cook it on low to medium heat. The Weber Spirit has porcelain enameled grates for an extra-smoky taste. Weber also offers a ten-year limited warranty.

Napoleon Rogue 365 and Weber Prestige Pro grills feature a battery-free Jet Fire ignition system, which is more expensive than Weber’s. Both brands offer a warranty for their parts, but it’s worth considering that the Napoleon is a higher-end brand. The Napoleon Rogue 365 has a 10-year warranty on the cookbox, lid assembly, and cooking grates, but the remaining parts are covered for two years.

Although the Spirit has a more modest price tag, it has many features that set it apart from the Victory. Its porcelain enamel cast iron grates are large and have enough space for up to 20 burgers. The Spirit grill is able to control the heat in a way that makes for delicious meat with grill marks and moisture. The Victory has a great reputation among grilling enthusiasts.

Weber Spirit vs Victory gas grills

If you’re comparing gas grills, you should consider the Spirit II E-310. It comes with a durable enameled steel lid and firebox, as well as an open cart and two side tables. It is easy to assemble, and the warranty covers parts for a decade. The Spirit II E-310 is available in four colors: blue, white, black, and red. The warranty is valid for a decade, which means that it is highly durable.

The Weber Spirit E-210 grill has two burners, with an effective heat control system. It has the largest high heat sear zone of any Weber grill, and enough room for a large family cookout. It has six tool hooks and porcelain enameled grates, which minimize flareups and provide your food with a smoky flavor. The Weber Spirit is priced slightly higher than Victory gas grills, so you should expect to pay a bit more for the Genesis.

The Victory grills offer more BTUs for the same size of cooking area. Victory grills also come with an infrared side sear burner. Weber Spirit gas grills feature side burners for common cooking tasks. The E-330 and SP-335 gas grills both have a sear station with 7,500 BTUs, but no dedicated 12,000-BTU burner.

In addition to the main cooking area, both grills are available with various extra features. These include porcelain-enameled trays, which prevent grease from dripping back into the flame, and crossover channels to ensure that food is not overcooked. These extra features are important to consider, especially if you’re buying a grill for the first time. However, you should remember that these grills aren’t meant to replace the traditional propane-fired grill.

In our 2018 test, the Spirit II E-310 provided the best even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. This grill also outperformed the Napoleon model in 2017, which had noticeable cool spots near the front of the grate. Overall, it’s a good choice for home use and small events. If you’re considering buying a new grill, consider whether the features of the Spirit II E-310 are worth the price.

Weber’s industry leading 10 year warranty

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new gas grill, you may want to consider a Weber Victory model. This brand offers a 10-year warranty on the heart of its grill. The warranty covers everything from the burners and ignition to the lid and cookbox. The 10-year warranty also covers the porcelain enamel grates and stainless steel flavorizer bars. For the best value, consider a Weber Victory.

This warranty is a standout feature of the Weber Victory gas grill. You’ll never have to worry about your grill catching fire again. Because of the grill’s superior design, Weber has made it easier than ever to replace the LP tank. Its redesigned burners ensure even heat distribution across the cooking surface. In addition, Weber’s new Genesis II series features heavy 9-mm stainless steel grates for superior cooking results.

A Weber Victory gas grill has a 626-square-inch cooking area. The grill’s sides are also double-walled for better heat insulation. The Victory’s Triple Ridge Flame Tamers have central ridges and strategic gaps that prevent flare-ups and heat build-up. They also come with a built-in warming rack to keep your food warm.

Weber has a number of Victory models, including the popular G4S. The G4S grilling system features porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars, infinity ignition, and grease management system. The grill has three burners and a 30,000 BTU output, making it perfect for grilling. If you’re interested in purchasing a Victory model, consider purchasing one with Weber’s industry-leading 10-year warranty.

The Victory 3-burner gas grill offers premium features at a competitive price. Its patented infrared sear burner, and easy ignition, make it an excellent option for casual barbecues. The Victory also comes with an under-grill storage shelf. You can easily change the propane tank without removing the grill from its base. Overall, the Victory is a great choice for families and backyard BBQ champions alike.

Napoleon Rogue 365 and Weber Spirit E-330 are similar in appearance. Both brands offer portable travel grills that are easy to store. Napoleon is a great choice for families as it can run on one-pound disposable camping propane cylinders or a 20-pound propane tank. Both Napoleon and Weber gas grills feature a piezo spark ignition system for reliable lighting.


Despite the similarities between these two gas grills, each has its own distinct characteristics. Each grill has a different cooking surface, and the most noticeable differences are in the construction materials used to make them. The Victory grill has a durable chrome finish and a double-walled fire box and grill hood. The Weber Spirit gas grill, on the other hand, has a painted steel frame, cast aluminum end caps, porcelain-enameled steel exterior, and cast-iron cooking grates.

While both gas grills use 3 stainless steel burners, the Victory grill has more total cooking space, up to 669 square inches. Both gas grills are equipped with a side burner for common cooking tasks, such as searing. These gas grills can be used with either propane tanks or natural gas. Propane tanks are typically smaller and require a new tank, while natural gas grills can connect to your home’s natural gas line.

A Weber Spirit barbecue has many convenient features, including side tables, warming racks, and tool hooks. Its porcelain enameled grates minimize flare-ups and provide a smoky flavor. It has a 10 year warranty and is available in black and natural gas. But, it’s not perfect. Whether you want to cook steaks, burgers, or chicken, the Spirit has the features you’re looking for.

In terms of size and features, the Weber Genesis is the better choice for the most practical person who’s main concern is cooking space. The Weber Genesis is slightly smaller than the Weber Spirit but has a large high heat sear zone, and ample space to accommodate a large family cookout. Moreover, it offers excellent control over heat and produces food that has grill marks, but is moist, and doesn’t fall apart easily.

Napoleon and Weber both offer durable, stylish grills. Napoleon gas grills are smaller and lighter than the Weber, but they have different heating systems. Napoleon uses disposable one-pound propane cylinders and Weber Spirit runs on a 20-pound tank of propane. In addition to a reliable ignition system, both grills are easy to use. Despite their differences, both brands are highly regarded, so you can’t go wrong with either.

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