What Do I Need For a BBQ?

When it comes to the BBQ, you must be wondering what do I need to prepare it properly. Here are some things that you must have: utensils, table cloths, tongs, ice chests, and an inflatable palm tree. Regardless of the size of the grill, you must have a set of utensils that will fit into your barbecue area. You can use these tools to chop meat, veggies, and seafood.

Table cloths

One important consideration when planning a barbecue is whether or not to use tablecloths. While most tablecloths will protect your grill, some types of materials are more durable. A barbecue tablecloth made of plastic will likely be more durable, but the materials used for tablecloths are usually less attractive. If you do plan to use tablecloths, consider the following things:

When choosing tablecloths for your barbecue, you need to know the size of your table. You should measure the length and width of each table to choose the right size. Usually, a rectangular tablecloth should be a half-drop length. If you are using a round table, measure the radius around the center of the table and multiply this value by two. If you are planning to have multiple smaller tables, you might want to draw a diagram so you know what dimensions each one should have.

A tablecloth adds a lot of charm to your tables. If you are using a table runner, make sure it does not hang below the edges of the tablecloth. Placemats and overlay toppers can also dress up your table. You can also use napkin rings, silk flowers, and centerpiece lighting to set the ambiance. You can choose a tablecloth that matches the rest of your decor. If you plan on serving your guests, you can choose a colorful tablecloth that coordinates with the colors and patterns of the placemats.

For a barbecue, consider using a high-quality outdoor tablecloth. The Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Tablecloth is ideal for most occasions. Made from premium-quality linen, it resists stains and is resistant to mildew and water. The fabric is also easy to clean, and comes in over a dozen colors. For a more affordable option, consider a tablecloth made of polyester or acrylic.


Tongs for a barbecue are a common tool used to move food around the grill. These utensils come in two general types: scissor tongs and traditional tongs. A set of these utensils is ideal for use in outdoor or camping scenes. Tongs have different functions and are available in both high-poly and low-poly models. When choosing your tongs, you should keep the type of food you’ll be cooking in mind.

These tongs are 16 inches long and feature a scalloped design for easy turning. The locking mechanism is a robust one, which helps prevent slippage. They also have a convenient string loop for hanging. They are the perfect tool for grilling marathons, particularly in the evening. As long as you’re comfortable using them, you’ll have a great time on your next barbecue. And because they are comfortable and durable, they can be stored easily when you’re not using them.

Buying tongs for a barbecue is easier than ever. Whether you’re grilling ribs or brisket, you can’t go wrong with these tongs. Despite their price tag, they’re easy to clean and come with dishwasher-safe handles. You can even purchase stainless steel tongs if you’re not into stainless steel or nickel-plated. You’ll be glad you made the decision to invest in these grill tongs.

There are many different types of tongs for a barbecue. Some are simple to use while others have more functional qualities. Traditional tongs come in many different shapes and sizes. The main difference between them is their operational range. Traditional tongs are shorter than scissor tongs, so you’ll be choking them if they’re too long. You should also consider buying “extra long” tongs.

Ice chests

There are many different styles of ice chests to choose from. Choose one that is large enough to hold your food and beverages. Make sure to use deep frozen ice when possible. This ice is several degrees colder than wet ice and will keep your foods colder longer. Using cubed ice instead of block ice will also keep your beverages colder faster. In addition to keeping your cooler cool, you will also want to keep it clean. Wash it with liquid soap in warm water and then thoroughly dry it.

Another style to choose is a drop-in ice bin cooler. These coolers can be built into the counter of your BBQ island. These models will keep your drinks cool for hours. Having one of these coolers on hand will prevent any problem with ice shortages. The built-in ice chest will be an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen. There are several styles to choose from, but the built-in option is most popular.

One of the most popular styles is the Coyote 25-Inch CDIC. It is ideal for building an outdoor kitchen, as it can hold up to 25 pounds of ice. The lid features a large handle on top. It is weatherproof, which means you can store it anywhere in the area. It can accommodate your drink-serving needs no matter what size they are. And because the Coyote CDIC is under $500, it won’t take up too much space.

Another great choice is the Trinity stainless steel patio cooler, which has an 80-quart capacity. It can hold up to 40 beers and a few bottles of wine, and it has decent ice retention. However, the ice will melt in this cooler after about 6 hours, so be prepared for the need to replenish it with fresh ice. Nevertheless, wooden coolers make beautiful additions to any garden and can be used for a small party or a weekend barbecue.

Inflatable palm tree

If you’re looking for a unique and fun addition to any outdoor party, consider purchasing an inflatable palm tree cooler. The tropical design of this inflatable palm tree cooler is an ideal way to add some whimsy to the occasion. The 3 foot diameter and 1.5 feet tall structure can hold up to 60 bottles or cans. You can even use it as a photo prop! Set up is simple and will require the use of a hand pump or electric pump.

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian themed parties, or just want a fun and unique decoration for your next barbecue, then an inflatable palm tree may be the perfect addition to your event. You can purchase these coolers in bulk from online stores such as Booboolala. The plastic material of the cooler makes it easy to store and transport, and it’s easy to set up. The palm tree itself can hold 60 or more bottles of beverages, and it’s easy to setup with an electric pump. In addition, the cooler sections feature a built-in drain plug, so you can easily drain the drinks that you’re serving.

Temperature gauge

A Temperature gauge for a barbecue is a convenient tool that helps you control the cooking temperature of your meat or barbecue. You can also use it to keep track of the cooking time, as well as monitor the temperature of the food. Many barbecue thermometers feature digital displays that can be read even in bright sunlight. Some of these grill thermometers display ambient temperatures, as well as the probe temperature. Digital displays may also provide detailed records of exact temperatures and cooking times, as well as the meal.

The thermometer on a BBQ should be accurate and durable. Those made of plastic may break after only a few uses. Moreover, cheap thermometers are usually inaccurate. If you do not use a good thermometer, it may lead to severe damage. It is best to invest in a better thermometer with a stainless steel probe. It will save you time and money. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your barbecue thermometer, it’s best to replace it.

Another good thermometer is a wireless one. Bluetooth devices can be connected to it and will send an alert when the temperature goes above 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides being waterproof, it’s magnetic. You can place it on the grill’s side shelf. A rechargeable battery is included with this thermometer. It lasts for up to 40 hours on a single charge. It also allows you to take pictures of the temperature as you cook.

Besides thermometers for barbecues, you should also consider buying a meat thermometer. It can help you control the temperature and avoid any mistakes. You can buy a digital thermometer from Meatstick, which comes with a probe for measuring the internal temperature of a piece of meat. Such thermometers are essential for food safety and are accurate enough to let you know when the meat is cooked perfectly. For those who like to experiment with cooking and want the perfect temperature for their meat, you can also choose an infrared thermometer.

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