What Size Big Green Egg Is Best For You?

You’ve probably already seen the 5 different sizes of the Big Green Egg and are wondering which one is best for you. While you can get them in small, medium, large, XLarge, and mini, most Eggheads suggest getting the medium or large size. A mini or small Egg isn’t very effective at cooking a large amount of food, so buying one for cheap is not a wise idea. People often end up regretting this decision.


The Large Green Egg is the most popular size of the EGG, and can accommodate the cooking needs of two to ten people. It is compatible with a variety of EGGcessories, allowing you to create the ultimate wood-fired pizza, sizzling steak, and perfectly grilled vegetables. In addition to that, the large size can accommodate eight steaks, a 20-pound turkey at Christmas, or even a Sunday feast. In addition, the Large can also accommodate six chickens or seven racks of ribs.

The Big Green Egg is designed to reach 300 degrees Celsius in about twenty minutes, so it’s quick and easy to cook food. The Large EGG is wide enough for a family of four, and the EGGspander allows you to double its cooking space. The ConvEGGtor, included with the Big Green Egg, is a useful tool for slow cooking and sear-cooking meat. The Big Green Egg is also capable of cooking for 24 hours on a single load of charcoal.

The Large Green Egg is the most versatile of the Big Green Egg models, with an abundance of optional accessories available. Whether you’re looking for a large cooking surface or just an extra kamado, this model will make your culinary dreams come true. With so many options, the Large is the ideal choice for spontaneous Big Green Egg parties. So, which model is right for you? Soak up some information about the features of both models, and decide which one is best for your cooking needs.


The medium-sized Big Green Egg has many advantages. The sealed firebox makes it easy to light 100% lump charcoal and a lower draft door allows just the right amount of air to enter the chamber. Another great benefit is that no lighter fluid is needed, which means no tainting of your food by chemicals. You can also use the Big Green Egg accessories such as egg stands, slats, and covers. You can also purchase a cookbook, thermometer, and other items to help you get started.

The charcoal used in the Big Green Egg is made from hickory or oak and is very easy to light. This charcoal will last longer compared to the OEM product and will not burn out as quickly. Another advantage is that you can mix old and new charcoal so that you can reduce the amount of fuel you use. Because the charcoal is made from recycled materials, you can reduce the amount of waste in the process. The grill is made to withstand a high-heat environment, making it a great choice for outdoor cooking.

The medium-size Big Green Egg is a great option for small households or couples with limited space. This model can accommodate most of the accessories available in the Big Green Egg catalogue. However, keep in mind that these accessories do not come cheap. The medium-sized Big Green Egg can hold an 18-pound turkey, three chickens vertically, two racks of ribs, or four burgers. The Large Big Green Egg is one of the most popular Big Green Egg models. The Large Egg has a maximum capacity of 450 square inches, and can cook a full chicken or even four steaks at a time.


If you’re looking for a quality grill, the XLarge Big Green Egg is one of the best options. With 452 square inches of cooking space, it can easily fit 24 hamburgers, 12 steaks, or two 20-pound turkeys. The ceramic construction of the XLarge Big Green Egg traps the heat, while the built-in thermometer provides accurate cooking temperatures. Besides its excellent reviews, the XLarge Big Green Egg is also a popular choice among chefs, because it is easy to use, has a high-quality ceramic exterior, and even features an easy-lift hinge and temperature gauge.

If you have a large family, the XLarge Big Green Egg is the perfect option. Its grid is 30% larger than the Large, so you can cook for a larger group at the same time. The XLarge Big Green Egg’s cooking surface is 61 cm in diameter, which is perfect for large gatherings. It also comes with a storage compartment for additional wood chips.

The XLarge Big Green Egg is larger than the Small and the MiniMax. The XLarge Big Green Egg is a versatile size that can handle almost any cooking need. Its cooking area is large enough to fit the largest number of people at a cookout or a gathering of friends. A large Big Green Egg can easily handle eight steaks or meatloaf for two.


A MINI Big Green Egg is an extremely portable grill that is ideal for apartment balconies, boating, tailgating, and camping. The portable size eliminates the need for propane canisters. Its stainless steel cooking grid produces perfect results, no matter what you are cooking. The Mini Egg is also extremely easy to clean, and has a lifetime warranty. To learn more about this amazing product, visit the official website. You can also find it in your local retail store.

The Big Green Egg Mini is the smallest member of the family. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used for camping, boating, picnics, and more. It can be easily transported by using the EGG Carrier, which is a stand with legs specifically designed for the Big Green Egg Mini. This cooker can accommodate up to 4 people. However, if you plan to take it outside, consider purchasing an EGG Carrier.

The Mini Big Green Egg is an ideal portable grill for tailgating or poolside cooking. With its compact size, it fits on a small patio or balcony and is capable of preparing up to four chicken breasts or burgers at a time. For restaurants, it is a convenient solution for cooking multiple courses at a time. However, it is not as efficient as the Large Big Green Egg. This small model is perfect for tailgating or a weekend poolside barbecue.


If you have a large family, the XXLarge Big Green Egg will be perfect for you. It has enough room for eight steaks, or a simple dinner for two people. The XXLarge Big Green Egg has a 5-Piece EGGspander Kit, and it has all the benefits of the Large. The XLarge Big Green Egg does not come with a Cast Iron Grid. Thankfully, you can still place a Half Grid on the convEGGtor Basket. Another popular Big Green Egg accessory is the Cast Iron Satay Grill.

The XXLarge Big Green Egg has the same patented components and state-of-the-art ceramic technologies as the other two sizes, making it a fantastic choice for the home kitchen. It is ideal for large groups of people and is great for large cookouts, too. The XXLarge Big Green Egg is not portable, but it does have a huge cooking area and excellent temperature control. The ceramic shell holds the heat so the food cooks evenly, and the ventilation is exceptional.

If you need extra space to cook more food at once, the Big Green Egg is a good choice. Its removable grid provides more cooking space than the smaller versions. It also has a standard springform tin. So you can cook a tasty apple pie on it without any problems. One drawback of the MiniMax is that the grid is not as deep as the Small model. You may not want to attempt to cook Beer Can Chicken on the MiniMax, but the smaller size makes cooking an apple pie a challenge.


The Big Green Egg is an iconic and amazing cooking device. Whether you want to cook for a crowd or cater for a restaurant, this electric-heated ceramic cooking appliance will meet your needs. The XXXLarge has an incredible capacity and is perfect for preparing many different dishes at the same time. Whether you are cooking ribs, burgers, steaks, or suckling pig, the XXXLarge will make it possible.

With the XXXLarge Big Green Egg, you can cook up to eight hours of meat in one sitting. You can also grill a full meal at once with the Big Green Egg. The cooking temperature reaches the required temperature in just a few minutes. Charcoal for the Big Green Egg is American-made from oak or hickory, and it works like a fireplace. You can use natural charcoal or an electric starter, and there is no need to worry about lighter fluid.

For the XXXLarge Big Green Egg, you can enjoy the same benefits as the large model. You can cook a suckling pig with it, or use it to cater an event. The XXXLarge is available for purchase through Lightstream or Arvest Bank Little Rock. Payment options are subject to credit approval, and the monthly payment amount will depend on other transactions.

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