7 Best Propane Smokers in 2022 – Buyers Guide

A propane smoker is known as being one of the best effective devices for smoking. In addition to this, these propane smokers are also incredibly affordable smokers that hold the ability to produce results that are great tasting. Not to mention, propane smokers can also fit a lot of food in at once and don’t need a lot of space on your counter.

All of these features make a propane smoker an extremely desirable tool for many people. However, there are tons of these smokers available on the market. Each one is equipped with different elements. This can make choosing the right one for you incredibly challenging. 

However, we have selected some of the best propane smokers on the market to make this decision easier. In addition to this, we have also included an effective buying guide to provide you with some insight into how the different elements offer varied functionalities.

This is done to ensure you purchase a propane smoker with the functionality that meets your needs. Moreover, there are also tips for getting the best out of your smoker. Thus, improving your experience and gaining your money’s worth.

Short on Time? Here Are Our Top 3!

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Masterbuilt MPS 340-G

Masterbuilt MPS 340/G Best Overall

This is an LP gas smoker with a tank connection and fuel tank. The bracket on the smoker is used to attach the gas tank and makes it easier to move the smoker around. 
Dyna Glo DGY784BDP 7 Best Propane Smokers in 2022 - Buyers Guide 3

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Best Budget-Friendly

The smoke hollow is well-designed, along with being able to produce consistent heat and being easy to use and assemble. 
Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker

Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker Best Outdoor Smoker

The water pan and wood chip draws are separate from the cooking racks, which prevents the smoke production from being disturbed when you need to replenish the water and wood chips.
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What Are Vertical Gas Smokers? 

A vertical smoker is designed as a steel box that’s equipped with a door. The design of a vertical gas smoker is very similar to a large gym locker or a refrigerator that’s manufactured without insulation. 

The smoker stands vertically and can either have one or two access doors, along with wire racks that are incorporated to hold up all of the smoking goodies. 

Vertical gas smokers are known to take up much less storage and deck space when compared to horizontal smokers and grills. Moreover, the vertical ‘box’ design ensures that all the meat gets equal attention from the smoke, as the smoke moves up from the burner pan built below.

Vertical gas smokers all feature the same basic design structure. The gas burner is always placed at the bottom, which is then followed by the wood pan that’s above the burner. The water pan is built to be on top of both the wood pan and gas burner.

This water pan acts as a heat sink, which stabilizes the temperature within the entire smoker and adds moisture. There are two or more racks present above this water pan that is included to hold the meat. Most of the propane gas models are equipped with dampers or vents to make adjustments to the flow of the smoke and air.

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Who Should Use Gas Smokers? 

A propane gas smoker is an incredibly easy tool. All you need to do is add wood chips (if applicable) to the wood pan, select your desired cooking temperature and timer, throw your meat in the smoker, and let it cook away. 

In the world of propane gas smokers, there are a variety of different features available. Thus, these smokers are perfect for various people. A propane smoker would be a brilliant purchase for you if:

You want a ‘set it and forget it’ functionality

Many people wish to have a less involved grilling experience by still want to get the authentic BBQ taste that we all live for. In addition, some of the best gas smokers are equipped to perform with little maintenance effectively. Thus, all you need to do when it comes time to start cooking your meat is to set your desired temperature, set the timer, and place your meat in the compartment. The smoker does the rest, which is perfect for those who don’t want to oversee the entire cooking process.

You want to have an easy to use smoker 

Propane gas smokers are known for being incredibly easy to use. You hold the capability of easily controlling the temperature. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert when it comes to fore management. This because this fire feature is different for gas smokers than charcoal smokers. The entire design of a gas smoker makes the tool incredibly easy to use. That’s why these gas smokers aren’t allowed to be used in competitions because these devices are too easy. 

You don’t want to spend a lot of money

The majority of gas smokers are going to cost between $150 to $300 to acquire. This price point is considerably cheaper than offset, wood pellet, or manado smokers. 

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What are the Advantages of Using a Propane Gas Smoker?

There are many advantages to using a propane gas smoker. However, some of the primary benefits of using a gas smoker are: 

  • Propane is a cheaper alternative to electricity. 
  • The taste achieved from using a propane smoker is very similar to what you would get if you were using charcoal. However, this taste is available at a fraction of the work.
  • Propane smokers are known for firing up incredibly fast. Heat and smoke features are consistent. Thus, you don’t speed a lot of time waiting for the device to heat up. 
  • A propane smoker is more flexible than an electric smoker. This is mainly because you can use it almost anywhere (as long as propane smokers are allowed to be used in that specific area). The main reason for this is because the propane smoker is highly portable. One reason for this exceptional portability is that you aren’t forced to rely on using an electrical outlet, making it easy to cook from anywhere.
  • The cost of these smokers is exceptionally low when you take into account the large cooking space provided and the gas grills that are sometimes incorporated into the design.
  • The smokers are made to be very durable with the inclusion of cast iron and stainless steel cooking grates.
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What Are The Disadvantages of Using a Propane Gas Smoker?

Nothing is perfect, not even the best propane smoking device. For this reason, there are some downfalls to using one. These are: 

  • The propane smoker isn’t going to give you the small taste as you get from using charcoal or wood smokers. This is mainly because the smoker doesn’t use the same type of combustion as that of wood or charcoal smokers. However, the propane smoker is still able to provide an excellent flavor, which is known to be quite similar to the taste produced by wood or charcoal smokers. This is due to the incorporation of a wood chip tray. 
  • A propane smoker doesn’t provide users with the same feeling you get from watching over the coal and nurturing the fire from the traditional smoking device. Some BBQers feel like this method of cooking meat is cheating.
  • You may inadvertently ruin all of your meat in the propane smoker if you run out of propane gas mid-way through your smoking session. 
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What Are The Different Types of Smokers? 

There are a variety of different smokers available on the market. These are: 

Propane Smoker

A propane smoker is equipped with a propane gas tank. This tank helps to keep the heat from the smoker constant and steady. These smokers are incredibly easy to use. All that’s required of you is to set the temperature to your desired setting. You may want to browse through the internet for the best gas and grill combos if you wish to grill and smoke your meat simultaneously. 

Electric Smokers

Electric smokers are quite similar to gas smokers. Electric smokers require almost no attention during the cooking process and are easy to maintain. An electric smoker is a great tool for beginners. However, when compared to the other types of smokers, these electric smokers are going to provide your meat with the least amount of smoky flavor. 

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smokers provide you with the traditional way of smoking your meat. These smokers have an incredibly high learning curve, but the flavor given to the meat is exceptional and can’t be beaten.

The fire-starting process takes quite a while, and. Maintaining this fire also consumed a bit of time. In addition to this, choosing the wrong type of charcoal can lead to a disaster.

There are other options for receiving this smoky flavor. You can receive this charcoal flavor with the convenience of gas by using a gas charcoal smoker combo.

Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers offer an exceptional feature of only feeding enough pellets into the firebox to maintain the set temperature the meat is exposed to. In addition, you’re also provided with the ability to boast that your meat is being smoked by wood. This is because the pellets are technically compressed wood.

However, the downside of using pellet smokers is that these smokers’ design is known to break down quite frequently. Moreover, you still need electricity for a pellet smoker to work.

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How Do You Use a Propane Smoker? 

The design layout of a vertical smoker is very different from an offset or horizontal smoker. However, the principle involved in the mechanisms is the same. The difference is that you are required to stack items on wire racks instead of arranging these around a fire pit.

These are the basic steps to firing up your propane gas smoker and getting it smoking:

  1. Fill the water pan with liquid. This can either be water or a type of aromatic liquid, such as beer or cider. You should then place it on the shelf that’s over the wood pan. 
  2. After completing this step, you can proceed to connect the propane tank to the smoker. This should be done with an approved hose. Check the connection with soap and water (which is detailed below). The goal of this soapy water check is to ensure that no bubbles are being formed. This means that there isn’t any leak. Turn the valve and light the burner with the door open. Make sure that you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions when you’re lighting the burner. Shut the gas and control knob off if the burner doesn’t ignite immediately. Wait for the gas to clear before attempting this step again.
  3. Set your specific temperature. Some models are only equipped with a low, medium, and high setting. If this is the case, you’re going to need to play with these settings to try and get to 225 degrees. You should invest in a good-quality digital thermometer as it comes in very handy in instances like this. 
  4. Pre-heat the smoker and experiment with the dampers included in the smoker’s design until you’re working with a steady temperature. 
  5. Add your pan that’s filled with wood to the appropriate shelf and let it begin smoldering.
  6. Place your seasoned meat on the racks. 
  7. Close the door and set the timer. After doing this, you can select your feet up and relax.
  8. After the smoker has done its job, make sure that you unhook the gas completely. In addition to this, you should clean out the cooker for the next time you wish to use it. It’s after the cooking process that an easy-to-clean propane smoker comes very handy.
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Comparison Table

Propane SmokersPriceCooking AreaDimensionsReview
Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermotEMP xl Propane Smoker$$961 sq inches28x23x52 inchesCheck Price
Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Double Door Vertical Propane Smoker$784 sq inches27X19.20X46.46 inchesCheck Price
Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker$$1576 sq inches18X21X43.25 inchesCheck Price
Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker$$$700 sq inches24.5X33.60 inchesCheck Price
Cuisinart Cos 244 Vertical 36-Inch Smokers$784 sq inches20X20X46 inchesCheck Price
Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Gas Smoker$595 sq inches19.5X21.5X45.5 inchesCheck Price
Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18-Inch Propane Smoker$$630 sq inches30.25X18.75X17 inchesCheck Price
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What Are The Best Propane Smoker Models? 

There are a variety of different features that make up a smoker. The result is that these propane smokers have different functionalities that can fit different individuals and be considered as the best propane smoker. These differing models make it difficult to choose one particular propane gas smoker, especially since there are so many models available.

However, we have combated this by searching far and wide for the best propane smokers so that you don’t have to. We have done this to make the process of choosing the best smoker for you easier. Here is what we found: 

1. Materbuilt MPS 340/G ThernoTemp XL Propane Smoker – Best Gas Smoker Overall

This is the newest propane smoker from Masterbuilt. It’s been redesigned to offer additional features. One of the best features is the thermostatic temperature control. This temperature control regulates the flow of the gas, which allows it to burn and gives you a more accurate and constant temperature when smoking your meat.

We loved the MPS340/G ThermoTemp XL because it provides you with four chrome coated stainless steel racks. These racks equate to 792 square inches of cooking capacity. These inches of cooking space are perfect if you’re planning on smoking racks of ribs.

You also hold the ability to cook anywhere between 180 and 350 degrees. Thus, temperature control is perfect for cooking low and slow. Not to mention, the smoker can also get hot enough when cooking chicken to crisp the chicken skin. Not to mention, the smoker 2-door access, cooking grates, and gas grill features are incredibly convenient. 

9.5Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. One of the best features is that it's equipped with cooking space that can fit various food sizes.

  • Thermostatic temperature control is included in the design to offer more accurate temperature settings. 
  • This is an LP gas smoker with a tank connection and fuel tank. The bracket on the smoker is used to attach the gas tank and makes it easier to move the smoker around. 
  • 2 door propane gas smoker. You can open the lower door to gain access to the chip tray without distributing your food that’s cooking. 
  • The cooking space best fits various food sizes. 
  • The 2 door propane gas smoker has a short warranty period. This warranty is valid for one year and doesn’t cover rust or paint, which is a let down considering other affordable and well-established brands such as Pit Boss are offering a warranty plan that’s 5 x more than this Masterbuilt MPS 340/G propane smoker. Moreover, Pit Boss also features a warranty period on all the components of the smoker.

2. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Double Door Vertical Propane Smoker – Best Budget-Friendly

The Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP is a vertical liquid propane gas smoker with two door access. It’s specifically designed for high-performance outdoor smoking and cooking. The body is made with heavy-duty steel and is also equipped with a powder finish that’s incredibly durable to help with handling the heat from the smoker. 

The design of this Dyna-Glo vertical liquid propane gas smoker is unique due to the incorporation of a condensation and grease management system. This management system makes the Dyna-Glo smoker cooking area a lot easier to clean and maintain. 

This is one of the best gas smokers for beginners and experienced smokers alike. You’re equipped with 784 square inches of cooking space thanks to four adjustable wire racks that are made from heavy-duty stainless steel. The overall design of this smoker is very similar to the Smoke Hollow 38202G. This is mainly due to the smoke hollow 38202G smoker 2-door access functionality and heat capability.

9.5Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. What makes this one of the best gas smoker options is its high-quality smoking system.

  • The smoke hollow is well-designed, along with being able to produce consistent heat and being easy to use and assemble. 
  • The effective temperature gauge makes it possible for the smoker to maintain a consistent temperature. 
  • The process of producing quality and smoked food is extremely efficient.
  • The heat and cooking area accommodates a variety of different sizes of food. 
  • The construction and overall build of the LP gas smoker aren’t as high-quality as other models available. 
  • The thermometer provided by the vertical LP gas smoker often shows inaccurate reads of around 20 degrees. 
  • The warranty period is lacking with one a one-year guarantee. In contrast, manufacturers like Pit Boss offer 5 x this warranty period.

3. Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker – Best Outdoor Smoker

This Landmann USA 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain 2 door propane smoker comes with a cast brass burner that features a rotary ignition. The main door is equipped with magnets rather than a latch, and the door access structure isn’t designed with insulation.

This Landmann USA 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain smoker features two separate drawers. One drawer is for a steel wood chip box, while the other is for the porcelain-coated water pan. These drawers provide you with the ability to replenish the water and wood without opening the smokebox and disrupting the meat that’s smoking.

This 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain vertical smoker is designed with four adjustable height settings, smoking racks with chrome coating, and a meat hanging hook. Not to mention, the cooking space of the smoker accommodates large and small pieces of food.

9.5Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. The durability and heat retention is one of its most well-liked features.

  • The 36 vertical LP gas black propane smoker provides users with an ease of use device.
  • The cooking racks are chrome plated and are equipped with a 13,500 BTU burner.
  • The water pan and wood chip draws are separate from the cooking racks, which prevents the smoke production from being disturbed when you need to replenish the water and wood chips.
  • Stainless steel is used to best retain heat and improve the durability of the smoker. 
  • The 34-inch 2 door propane smoker is designed without any insulation.

4. Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker – Best Additional Features

This best gas 40-inch Smoke Hollow smoker is known for being the best propane device with exceptional features. The smokers’ best features include its five cooking grid for an increased cooking space within the cooking chamber, a water pan, and two wood chip box, along with a smoke chimney.

The Smoke Hollow cooking chamber is designed with two 12,000 BTU tubular burners that are made with stainless steel. All of this stainless steel and other metal components are constructed with a powder-coated system.

The temperature gauge on this makes it one of the best propane smokers available. The temperature gauge is known to be incredibly accurate and reads within 10 degrees. However, this system incorporated in the liquid propane gas smoker takes some getting used to. 

9Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. Many customers love the quick assembly process, as well as its effortless usability.

  • There is a huge cooking area within the cooking chamber. 
  • It’s easy to use, while the assembly is quite simple.
  • The temperature gauge, along with other features, ensures that the temperature is excellently maintained.
  • The meat is cooked evenly and maintains moisture. 
  • Stainless steel design for improved durability. 
  • The cooking surface wastes a lot of energy when cooking smaller pieces of meat. 
  • The portability isn’t good, as the unit is exceptionally heavy when the assembly is completed. Thus, the 40-inch smoker is hard to move around.
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Considerable Mentions for the Best Propane Smokers

Among these models that can be classified as the best propane smoker are some very good propane smokers that we felt should be mentioned. These are: 

5. Cuisinart Cos 244 Vertical 36-Inch Smokers

Cuisinart Cos 244 Vertical 36-Inch Smokers‘ best features include the ability to maintain functionality along with temperature control settings being incorporated easily. This makes it easy to provide constant heat and smoke source. The cooking surface is also very accommodating for larger pieces of meat while still being able to evenly cook small meat pieces.

9Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. The cooking area of this smoker allows for larger pieces of meat that many smokers don't generally accommodate.

  • Effective temperature control.
  • It can maintain functionality.
  • The structure isn’t very stable.

6. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Char-Broil (the big easy machine smoker) provides the best and most effective heat and smoke production thanks to the inclusion of the Char-Broil vertical liquid propane cooking area design. Char-broil (the big easy cooking machine) features three adjustable chrome-plated cooking rakes and a large cooking surface and cooking space. The wood chip tray of the Char-Broil vertical smoker makes it easy to replenish the wood needed without disturbing the Char-Broil vertical big easy smoke production.

8.5Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. The easy-to-replenish wood chip tray is the perfect feature to ensure you don't disturb the smoking process.

  • Three adjusting cooking rakes are included.
  • It’s equipped with a wood chip tray for easy replenishing when wood is needed.
  • Users claim that heat isn’t constant.

7. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18-Inch Propane Smoker 

This Camp Chef smoker provides meat with a slow and low cook. The Camp Chef smoker is equipped with a push-button ignition and is easy to clean. The cast iron component included in the design makes this Camp Chef incredibly durable. The Camp Chef push-button ignition helps control the internal temperatures and chrome-plated cooking surface throughout the cooking process. Not to mention, the Camp Chef cooking space and heat consistency on this model is one of the best.

8.5Expert Score

There is so much to love about this smoker. The heating consistency ensures that your food comes out perfect every time.

  • Push-start button is included in the design.
  • Effective heat consistency is offered.
  • The insulation material included in the model is lacking.
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A Complete Buyer’s Guide 

There are many elements that make up a propane smoker. The inclusion of different features provides these smokers with varied functionalities. For this reason, it’s important to understand the different factors to help you decide on which of these components need to be included in your ideal propane smoker’s design. Here are some important elements to take into consideration:


One of the main considerations that revolve around purchasing any device, including a propane smoker, is the price of acquiring this tool and the budget limitation that you face.

Not many shoppers are able to purchase without money being a factor. Thus, price consideration plays an incredibly vital role for most when deciding on a smoker. When considering this, it’s a great idea to compare each model’s features with the value of the specific smoker.


Size is also incredibly important as not many working areas provide all the space in the world. Some straightforward questions you should ask include: 

  • Where is the smoker going to be stored? 
  • How much food am I planning to smoke per session?
  • Are any of these answers expected to change over a period of time? 

Fuel Type and Portability

Fuel is an essential element in any smoker. However, propane smokers are incredibly user-friendly, easy to transport, and reliable. Depending on the model, a smoker usually provides you with the ability to take it anywhere with you effortlessly. The fuel used for this smoker allows you to use it anywhere as well.


The last step of the smoking process is cleaning. Many owners of a smoker understand that cleaning a smoker is anything but enjoyable. Thus, finding a model that accommodates this and makes the cleaning process easier is always a bonus. 

You can find if a smoker model is easily cleanable by checking to see if the racks are removable. In addition to this, it’s also highly recommended to look through the reviews other customers have said, as this usually provides you with good insights. 


Vertical propane smokers are usually lighter and are known for being less sturdy than any other type of smoker. However, this isn’t always the case. Nonetheless, a good feature to look out for are splayed legs. This is because the incorporation of these legs adds to the stability of the structure.

Door Design Access

Propane smokers are built with either a one-door design access and a 2 door propane smoker. Two doors are usually known for being better than one. This is mostly because you hold the ability to access the water and wood pans with the one door open, while you can leave the upper chamber closed when using a two-door smoker. Thus, the heat and smoke are still left inside the smoker.

Temperature Ranges

The majority of vertical smokers generally cook hotter than smokers that are charcoal fired. There are usually specifications on the internet by the manufacturer that list how high or low you are able to cook with that specific model. This information is incredibly valuable, especially if you plan on cold smoking fish in your smoker, as heat plays an important role in effectively smoking food.

Front Loading

Accessing the smoker from the front is seen to be a lot easier and better than accessing it from the top. Thus, if you wish to receive the ease of use with a smoker, you should opt for a front-loading smoker.

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves are extremely useful if you plan on using the smoker for a variety of different meats. Adjustable shelves make it possible to cook an entire turkey and then set up smoking some ribs. 


When looking for a smoker, you are going to want one that provides you with consistency. A function you may want your smoker to perform is a ‘set it and forget it’ feature.

Your smoker should evenly cook your meat every time you use it. A great way to get a ‘feel’ for a smoker without testing it out is to read some customer reviews on that particular model.

Quality of the Structure

A well-constructed smoker should be a top priority. Purchasing a smoker that’s got a high-quality build helps to cut back on grease and smoke leakage. 

An important feature that the smoker should have is a high-quality cabinet that can capture and maintain heat, humidity, and smoke. Why is this? Well, these are the three primary ingredients that are essential for achieving a great BBQ. 

The Burner

We have already mentioned the fuel type feature within a smoker burner. However, another consideration would be the size of the burner. The size of the burner should be proportionate to the gas smoker’s cabinet, as this promotes even heating. In addition to this, you also want to make sure that the burner isn’t left too exposed to any outside forces.

Easy Assembly Process

A smoker is usually shipped with a variety of detached parts. This reduces the size of the package and the costs involved in shipping these smokers.

However, the majority of smokers don’t require much assembly. In addition to this, most manufacturers include a manual in the shipped package or provide the information within the manual online. 

Moreover, looking through online reviews is going to have you anticipate the complexity and extent of the assembly, along with the tools required to undergo this assembly process. 


You should look through the terms and length for the primary unit and the various components included in the main unit. These components include the burner, which may have a different warranty coverage.

Also, propane smokers are designed and certified for propane gas being included in the device’s functionality. For this reason, it’s extremely ideal to confirm with the manufacturer or seller if you wish to convert the smoker to natural gas.


Some propane smokers are designed to work as a smoker, as well as a grill. You should look for propane smokers that hold the ability to work like a grill, too, if you want to gain a multi-use device for your kitchen.

How To Break-In Your New Smoker: 

After purchasing and assembling your new smoker, it’s time to start breaking it in. You shouldn’t cook in it just yet. A new smoker is just like any other new iron skillet. You need to season these tools while in a new state to ensure you get the best use from these. 

Some manufacturers don’t include the process of breaking in a smoker in the manual included in the package. However, don’t fear because the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is wipe down all of the smoker’s internal parts with good-quality cooking oil. Let this burn on high heat for approximately 20 minutes or until the smoke being produced from the smoke stops.

The purpose of this ensures that any paint fumes or grease burn off and won’t affect the taste or the safety of the food placed in the smoker. You should let the smoker cool off and wipe it clean of any residue that may be left with a towel. After completing this, you’re good to go and can start smoking up a storm. 

All About Propane Gas in Smokers 

Vertical gas smokers best make use of propane gas as a fuel source. Thus, you don’t need to stockpile an endless amount of bags filled with logs or briquettes. 

The design of these smokers provides you with the ability to attach the gas tank directly to the burner with a hose simultaneously as a gas grill. The burner is placed at the bottom of the cooker and is included to heat a pan above. This pan contains wood for smoke production. You hold the ability to ‘set and forget’ your smoker once you’ve got the temperature dialed in.

One unfortunate feature is that propane gas and natural gas aren’t interchangeable. A safety tip for attaching the gas supply would be to take a brush and scrub with a 50/50 mixture of water and dish soap around the smoker’s joints and the hose. You should tighten the hose if you see bubbles forming. If these bubbles fail to stop forming, look to see if the O-ring is missing.

Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Smoker in Excellent Condition

Here are some effective tips to help keep your smoker in great condition:

  • Empty and clean the grease pan after you have finished each smoking session. This avoids grease overflow, which can lead to a fire starting.
  •  The burner tube is the part of a smoker that’s most prone to clogging. The clogging of this burner tube can lead to a limited amount of gas flow. You can clean these tubes by brushing the interior from side to side. This should be done from the center outwards, preventing pushing the debris further into the tube.
  • You should never convert the smoker to natural gas unless it’s approved by the manufacturer. 
  • Purchase a waterproof cover so that the smoker is protected from any moisture or dust while in storage. 
  • Check your smoker’s gas connection for any obstructions and leakages of gas flow before you begin cooking. 
  • You should avoid using chemicals to clean the smoker as this can cause chipping of the coating. Otherwise, the chemicals can leave a lingering smell, which is passed on to the meat being cooked and affect its flavor. Instead, soap and warm water are perfect for cleaning your smoker. You can also add vinegar and sodium bicarbonate into this mixture to help remove stubborn stains.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers for other commonly asked questions about propane gas smokers to clear any residual confusion. 

How much propane is used by a smoker? 

It all depends on how much cooking you do with your smoker. However, according to an estimate done by most manufacturers, you need about one tank consisting of 20 pounds. This amount is if you wish to undergo medium cooking five batches of ten hours for a single batch. 

How many hours does a 20-pound propane tank last? 

Generally speaking, you’re looking at around 18 to 20 hours of smoking time before you need to fill it up again. 

How often should you add wood chips to a smoker? 

There isn’t any concrete rule for how much wood chips you should put in your smoker. However, it’s recommended to add more wood chips every five or six hours. 

Do you soak wood chips before putting these in a propane smoking device? 

It’s suggested that you ask for your wood chips for approximately half an hour before putting these in the smoker. This allows the smoker to well-smoke and well-cook the meat. Soaked wood chips also help to tenderize the meat.

How do you know how much propane is left in the gas tank?

You can tell how much propane gas is left in your gas tank by pouring hot water on the propane gas. After doing this, check to see what part of the tank warm and what part of the tank is cool. The warm feature is of the tank is empty, and the cool part still has propane gas. Pouring this water helps you measure how much propane gas is left in the gas bottle from the hot and cool elements.

Is a propane smoker better than an electric smoker? 

A smoker is the better option if you’re looking to cook meat with a delicious smoky flavor. In addition to this, gas grills incorporated with propane smokers are very convenient to use compared to palette or charcoal additions in an electric smoker.

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When looking at purchasing a gas smoking device, it’s important to consider what you wish to gain from using the device. This provides you with the ability to choose the features that are going to best suit your wishes. These smoking devices include a variety of different features in the design. These differing features provide a variety of functionalities. Thus, it’s important to understand the functionality you wish to receive. For this reason, the best smoking device is going to be different for everyone. What is the best model for you isn’t going to be the best device for another. Therefore, you need to keep your required features in mind when choosing a smoking device.

Materbuilt MPS 340/G ThernoTemp XL Smoker is the best option for those who are looking for one of the best high-quality smoker with exceptional features. The Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Double Door Vertical Smoker is the perfect option for those who aren’t looking to break the bank in order to acquire a great-quality smoker.

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