10 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills for 2022 – Buyers Guide

Summertime is barbeque season. As soon as the weather starts to warm up from spring to summer, everyone wants to pull the bbq grill out of storage and grill hotdogs, burgers, steaks, corn, and just about every other types of food there are.

A smokeless indoor grill can provide a means for this without the need for a traditional, outdoor barbecue grill or for gas grills.

A smokeless indoor grill allows you to cook all the fantastic meals you’ve become accustomed to finding at your favorite summer parties at any time on any day of the year without a single care for the weather outside because you can now grill inside. Since these are smokeless indoor grills, you can cook and grill food easily without all the smoke of traditional gas grills.

An indoor smokeless grill is quickly becoming one of the hottest items to have in your cooking space. No pun intended.

Smokeless grills are a great option for anyone who wants a new way to prepare food on a versatile cooking surface that is easy to clean and produces the same quality of food they have come to expect from a traditional bbq grill.

They are, quite simply, one of the best indoor cooking implements for those who want convenience, high-quality products, easy cooking, and the best value for the price.

Gas grills can be heavy, clunky, and costly to maintain. An electric grill is one of the best portable options to make the cooking process a snap.

Because you rightfully demand excellence, you want to know what the best option is before you commit to your indoor bbq grill. So, how do you pick the best indoor smokeless grill?

Short on Time? Here Are Our Top 3 Smokeless Grills

Contents show
Hamilton Beach 25361

Hamilton Beach 25361 Best for small spaces

The temperature options are easy to adjust, so you make sure that you are cooking your food at the most optimal temperature to get that flavor you really want.
Philips Smoke Less

Philips Smoke Less Best for real charcoal taste

Infrared technology for even grilling no matter what you'recooking, your food can have that classic charcoal taste and feel.
Delonghi BG24 Perfecto

Delonghi BG24 Best for family

The Delonghi BG24 Perfecto indoor grill s larger size makes this smokeless grill one of the best on the market for people looking to cook for a family.
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How to Pick a Grill

Making the choice to get an indoor grill is an easy one, but making the choice of which grill is the right one for you is a little more difficult since there are so many options.

Making a decision really depends on what it is you value most in an electric grill.

Do your needs lean more toward something easy to clean, like something that has dishwasher safe grill plates? Do you prefer the easiest to use, indoor electric grill, like something with a nonstick surface that provides the best grilling experience every time? Are you looking for the versatility of a grill griddle combination that gives you even more cooking options?

No one wants to sit around for hours reading grill reviews just to find the best smokeless indoor grills.

You should first decide on a price point, what features you need most, what kind of heat settings you need, and what is going to grill best for you and the food you plan to be grilling on your indoor barbecue grill.

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Smokeless Indoor Grill Research: Done for You

Since researching each individual grill available to you can be an overwhelming process, we have done some of it for you!

It doesn’t matter what specifications you are looking for in your new electric indoor grill; you should be able to find the best smokeless indoor grill to suit your needs after seeing the different options available to you.

We are sure that you can pick the best smokeless electric grill for you after reading about the ones we found.

We have put together a list of the top 10 best indoor grills for anyone looking for what grills best for their needs.

We have taken everything into account, including price, grill reviews, the best function for what you plan to be grilling, heat settings, cooking power, an easily cleaned grill pan, what should grill best on its surface, and portability.

Read on for the 10 best indoor grills based on what real users have attested to in their grill reviews.

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Comparison Table

Smokeless Indoor GrillsCooking SpaceWeightDimensionsReview
Hamilton Beach – Best for small spaces192 square inches8.14 Pounds12.4 x 16.73 x 6.81 inchesCheck Price
Philips Smoke Less – Best for real charcoal taste and smell336 square inches15.66 Pounds7.48 x 21.85 x 16.93 inchesCheck Price
Delonghi – Best for a family247 square inches
10.8 Pounds
19.69 x 13.19 x 6.69 inchesCheck Price
George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor – Best portable grill240 square inches
21 Pounds
22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inchesCheck Price
Cuisinart 5 in 1 – Best for versatility143 square inches8 Pounds13.5 x 11.5 x 7.12 inchesCheck Price
Gotham Steel – Best nonstick126square inches4.9 Pounds17.32 x 14.96 x 3.94 inchesCheck Price
Zojirushi – Best for no fuss280 square inches7 Pounds20.5 x 14.1 x 6.1 inchesCheck Price
George Foreman Removable Plate – Best value for price60 square inches6.44 pounds5.83 x 12.36 x 13.9 inchesCheck Price
Buzfi – Best non-electric13 square inches
1.4 Pounds
12.75 x 12.75 x 1.5 inchesCheck Price
Breville – Best for features224 square inches8.6 Kilograms16 x 14 x 5 inchesCheck Price
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The 10 Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Options

First on our list of the top 10 best smokeless grills is the best indoor grill for a smaller cooking space.

1. The Hamilton Beach Electric Smokeless Indoor Searing Grill (Hamilton Beach 25361) – The Best for Small Spaces

This Hamilton Beach electric indoor smokeless grill (Hamilton Beach 25361) may seem small, but don’t let its size fool you; this smokeless electric grill packs a powerful punch and can keep up with its larger competition. The Hamilton Beach electric indoor searing grill provides a compact cooking surface that is ideal for apartments and small kitchens.


  • A lid with a viewing window- You don’t have to open the lid to monitor your food while grilling
  • Easy to clean, removable non-stick grill plates
  • Stainless steel
  • An extra-large, dishwasher safe drip tray
  • A weight of only 8 pounds
  • A reasonable price
  • Adjustable temperature settings for accurate heat control
  • A temperature range of 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
9.5Expert Score

The<strong> Hamilton Beach</strong> electric indoor searing grill is the best choice for someone looking for serious indoor grilling power without sacrificing much space. Fish and other delicate food items should grill best on the lower heat setting of this indoor grill, while steak and other heartier food is going to grill best on its higher heat setting.

  • Most of its removable pieces, including the non-stick grill plates, are dishwasher safe.
  • The temperature options are easy to adjust, so you make sure that you are cooking your food at the most optimal temperature to get that flavor you really want.
  • Being able to monitor what you’re grilling through the glass window in the locking lid means that the juices stay locked in, and your food won’t dry out because you had to remove the lid to check on the grilling process.
  • This indoor electric grill is ideal for a smaller cooking space but is not recommended for those who plan to use it for cooking for large amounts of people.

If you want something that is compact, efficient, and makes enough for just one or two, this easy to use smokeless indoor searing grill is the one for you!

2. Philips Smoke Less Indoor Bbq Grill – the Best for That Real Charcoal Taste and Smell

This indoor grilling machine can be placed on any flat surface, so when you’re ready to grill, you’re good to go! The Philips Smoke less Indoor Bbq Grill is a high-quality device that can change the way you think about indoor cooking. When you want food with the taste and smell of good old fashioned charcoal grilling, the Philips Smoke Less indoor Bbq grill is one of the best electric grills on the market for you!


  • Infrared technology for even grilling no matter what you’recooking
  • A wide range of temperature settings
  • Non-slip feet for easy control on any flat surface
  • Your food can have that classic charcoal taste and feel
  • without giant clouds of smoke
  • An included drip tray
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Temperature controlled at an even 446 degrees Fahrenheit
9.5Expert Score

The indoor electric grill is perfect for anyone trying to capture that amazing grilling smell and taste of real charcoal without ever having to get your hands dirty. This is one of the best smokeless grills that grills best in a more open space but also provides the results you want regardless of where you use it. If you like versatility with what you can grill indoors, make sure to check out the Philips Smoke Less Indoor Bbq Grill.

  • Grill pre-heats fast
  • Infrared technology means constant heating
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Dishwasher safe grill plate makes it easy to clean
  • Not as portable as some of its competitors
  • Some smoke is produced during the cooking process, but still less than a traditional grill
  • The drip tray is shallow. Make sure to pay attention while cooking your food to avoid having the drip tray overflow
  • It is more expensive when compared to other similar products

3. The Delonghi Bg24 Perfecto Indoor Grill – the Best for Cooking for a Family

The Delonghi BG24 Perfecto indoor grill is the best electric grill for the cook that likes to cook a lot of food and wants to be able to easily monitor its progress without removing the covering. With its tempered glass lid, this smokeless grill is one of the larger models on this list that allows you to keep your food covered to lock in the juices that keep meat tender. The Delonghi BG24 Perfecto indoor grill s larger size makes this smokeless grill one of the best on the market for people looking to cook for a family.


  • An adjustable thermostat that can also be removed and used to monitor the temperature of your food
  • A drip tray and grill plate that features a non-stick coating
  • A tempered glass lid
  • Capable of reaching 550 degrees Fahrenheit
9.5Expert Score

The Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill is the ideal smokeless indoor grill for families or for people who like to cook or grill a lot of food all at once. This is one of the best smokeless indoor grills for people who want to be able to monitor the cooking process every step of the way without having to sacrifice the juiciness of their food.

  • The tempered glass lid allows you to monitor your food as you grill it
  • The glass lid helps distribute heat evenly for uniform grilling
  • Cooks for many people at a time
  • The non-stick cooking surface makes it easy to clean
  • The non-stick coating on the drip tray and grill plate wears away quicker than expected
  • Pre-heating is required to use this electric indoor grill and it can take a long time for it to reach the desired temperature
  • The grill plate is embedded, which means it can’t be removed. This makes this the first smokeless grill on our list that does not have a dishwasher safe cooking surface.

4. The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill – the Best Portable Grill

What would a list of the best smokeless indoor grills be if it didn’t include at least one George Foreman grill? George Foreman has been a leading name in the world of indoor grills for ages, and this list is no exception. This indoor/outdoor electric grill is an easy to use, portable smokeless grill option for the cook on the go.

With the George Forman indoor/outdoor grill, you can get cooking anywhere you can think of, which makes it for anything from tailgating or a pop-up barbecue in the park! This smokeless grill is one of the best indoor or outdoor grills on the market!


  • A sloped cooking surface to efficiently drain excess grease away from your food
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Stainless steel
  • indoor and outdoor cooking options
  • Indicator lights
  • A removable indoor/outdoor stand to balance the grill
  • Enough cooking space to feed 15 people
  • Features 5 heat settings
9Expert Score

This grill is an incredible smokeless indoor grill, but it can also spice up an outdoor event. Its stainless steel construction helps keep it easy to keep clean, and best of all, it makes cooking fun in any environment. This electric grill is easy to transport, easy to use, and easy to love! This is, without a doubt, one of the best smokeless grills and the best portable option. Since it's portable, this is an ideal grill for not only feeding the crew as you watch a sporting event from home but also for staying fueled in order to cheer on your team as you tailgate! In fact, you could feed the majority of your favorite team with the 15 serving capacity that makes this grill stand out!

  • Fully portable
  • Drains grease away from your food efficiently to keep meals healthier
  • The domed lid helps with even cooking
  • Non-stick
  • Removable plates to aid easy cleaning
  • Feeds many people
  • Adjustable temperature control for easy cooking
  • Temperature indicator lights for confident cooking
  • Removable lid
  • The clips that hold the lid onto the base are not built to last
  • The lid is not see-through, so you have to remove it to check on what you’re grilling

5. The Cuisinart Gr 5 in 1 Griddler – the Best for Versatility

This indoor grill is more than just a grill. This grill and griddle combination is one of the most versatile electric grill tools available. This is the best grill for the person looking to get the most out of every meal every time they cook.

For people who like a lot of variety in what they cook day in and day out, this is definitely the grill to do that with.

This smokeless electric grill griddle comes with the option to be a contact grill, a panini press, a half grill, half griddle, a full grill, or a full griddle. As an indoor electric grill, you can cook anything you could ever think of and then some with this a grill and griddle all in one. The Cuisinart GR is all about versatility with respect to indoor grills.


  • A high capacity integrated drip tray
  • Dual temperature control so you can set either side for a different type of food
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Multiple uses for multiple dishes to cook
  • Easy to use
  • Fully reversible and fully removable non-stick griddle and grill plates
9Expert Score

With regards to temperature control, flexibility, and other indoor grills, Cuisinart Gr 5 in 1 Griddler is one of the best you can use for great versatility while you cook. This is one of the best smokeless grills for the person who wants as many options as they can possibly have when it comes to cooking. For the price of this grill, you get a whole lot of indoor grill that is unlike any of the other indoor grills on this list. Having this indoor grill is like having five completely different cooking devices in your kitchen all at the same time!

  • The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Multiple configuration options
  • 3 different methods of temperature control
  • Dishwasher safe pieces
  • Versatile
  • Removable plates
  • Flat cooking surface and integrated drip tray don’t encourage easy draining to keep grease away from your food

6. The Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill – the Best Non Stick Indoor Grill

The term Gotham Steel summons up heroic images that make you think that this grill griddle combo is invincible and indestructible. For the most part, it is. Although, we do think that only putting the approved parts of it through a cycle in the dishwasher is recommended. The Gotham Steel smokeless indoor grill features a ceramic nonstick coating that makes cleaning a breeze, as well as the ability to come apart if the cleaning is a little more intense than expected.


  • A removable grease catcher
  • A temperature control dial with 4 heat settings
  • A coating that uses titanium melded with ceramic to create a one-of-a-kind nonstick coating
  • A griddle insert
  • A carrying handle
  • A detachable power cord
8.5Expert Score

As it summons heroic images to mind, this smokeless indoor grill packs a mighty punch when it comes to grilling. You can have the power to cook anything you can think of with this electric smokeless grill. This is one of the best smokeless grills to feature such a unique nonstick coating, and that's what makes it one of the best of its kind.

  • Disassembles for easy care and cleaning
  • Uniquely designed non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • The included drip pan is also ceramic coated
  • The detachable power cable is not very long, so you are limited to the different places you can use it

7. The Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill – the Best for No-fuss

This is one of the best indoor grills for the customer looking for an easy to use, easy to clean, and simple to understand. The Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill is the best grill for anyone who wants the most straightforward cooking experience without having to remove and replace grill plates. This die-cast aluminum electric power smokeless grill is the best choice for simplicity without having to compromise in features.


  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • A unique design that drains oil and fat as food is cooking
  • Handles that are cool to the touch for ease of movement
  • A temperature range of 176 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Temperature control knob for heat management
8.5Expert Score

If you are looking for a smokeless indoor grill that grills best under simple, no-fuss conditions, then this is the grill for you. It may not come with multiple attachments for multiple functions, but it is made for grilling, and it does that extremely well. You have total control over the heat, which is important in indoor smokeless grills.

  • Grill pan for drips is dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick surfaces
  • Simple to use
  • Drains oil and fat while cooking food
  • Can be cooking up to four servings at a time
  • Higher price than some of its competitors
  • No power button- this grill must be plugged in to be used and unplugged to be shut off

8. The Removable Plate Four-serving Grill from George Foreman – the Best Value for the Price

Since George Foreman grills are one of the most revolutionary tools for grilling indoors, just mentioning one George Foreman indoor grill on this list would have been a disservice. This is a top 10 list for a reason, and George’s grills have dozens of reasons to be on it.

In terms of indoor smokeless grills, what you get for the price of one of the best electric grills available is incredible. This is the grill that has the best price on our list in terms of value and performance. It is a best -seller all over the internet. This barbecue grill is sure to be a hit!


  • Contact grilling
  • Grills best for beginners- No cooking lessons required!
  • Median price point
  • Removable plates for no-fuss cleaning
  • Indicator lights o properly heat and time whatever you’re cooking
  • Large cooking space- easily accommodates up to four servings
  • Included drip tray
8Expert Score

If your biggest requirement for the best electric grill is value for the price, then out of all other indoor grills, this is the one for you. For the price you pay, you get the George Foreman name, a product that grills best no matter what you're cooking, and still a significant amount of cooking space despite it being smaller than some of its other competitors on this list.

  • As far as this list is concerned, this is the grill that has the best value for its price
  • Has the same fat and oil draining features you have come to expect from a George Foreman grill
  • This does not grill best for large groups since it only supports four servings
  • Requires an outlet no matter what you plan on cooking. This grill only turns on when plugged on and only shuts off when unplugged.

9. The Stove Smokeless Grill from Buzfi – the Best Non-electric Indoor Grill

Many of the items on this list have been the best electric grill, but what if your tastes lean toward something unique and non-electric? Then this is the best grill for you. This grilling pan is versatile and can make cooking anything from meat to vegetables a simple experience.


  • A ring around the edge of the pan to catch drips
  • A non-stick surface
  • A two-year warranty
8Expert Score

For the person looking for a unique, non-electric grill that still has the indoor cooking capacity of the other items on this list, the <strong>Buzfi Stove Smokeless Grill</strong> is the best option for you.

  • Iron plates mean it can be used on any possible stovetop
  • Non-stick surfaces make it a breeze to clean
  • The least expensive item on this list
  • The two-year warranty means that you can feel safe using this grill knowing that its distributor has your back if something is wrong with it
  • The iron plates take a long time to cool down after using, delaying cleaning and storing the item

10. The Smart Grill from Breville – the Best for Features

If the price is less of a concern for you than features, then this is the grill for you. Some people love to have items that have the most features possible, and this one has features that are present in other grills on this list, but it combines them together until this grill is almost like an amalgamation of every grill you’ve read about here.


  • A timer with a digital display- You won’t ever overcook a dish with this grill!
  • A temperature range of 310 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to perfectly cook any food you can think of
  • A searing option
  • Grill plates that are both removable and dishwasher safe
  • A panini function to accommodate even more meals than just a regular grill.
7.5Expert Score

While it may be the most expensive indoor grill on our list, this device is jam-packed with features that make it a dream to use for the more experienced indoor grill master or for the cook that wants as much for their money as possible.

  • A large amount of features makes it worth the price and then some
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Simple to clean
  • Cooks a wide range of food; from meats to sandwiches, you may wonder why you ever need to use your stove again!
  • This is the most expensive item on our list
  • This grill was not designed for beginners. The Breville
  • Smart Grill was designed with more experienced users in mind
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Grill?

Since there are many different types of grills on this list, there is more than one answer to this question.

The general guidelines that can apply to every grill on this list are:

  • Wait for the grill to cool down before attempting to clean it. Give it about 45 minutes to cool down so you don’t burn yourself trying to clean it
  • Some types of food can leave behind residue. If there is a lot of cooked-on food, use a wooden or plastic spatula to scrape it off.
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or any cleaners with alcohol to clean any of the parts. Products like this can damage the finish and shorten the life of your grill

If your grill comes with parts that are safe to put in the dishwasher, read the instructions carefully, and make sure you only machine wash the parts that are meant to be washed as such.

If your grill does not have dishwasher safe parts, use a soft cloth with warm water and soap, making sure not to completely submerge any parts of the grill into the water.

Are These Grills Really Smokeless?

Compared to an outdoor gas or charcoal grill that cooks over an open flame, there is such a reduced production of smoke that these grills are able to proclaim themselves to be electric smokeless grills.

Some smoke will likely be produced, but it would only be about the same amount produced cooking on a stovetop. With outdoor grills in mind, these indoor smokeless grills produce significantly less smoke and to a point that is completely safe to be indoors.

Where Can I Buy These Grills?

Most can be found online, where you can also check out some of the reviews we used to create this list of the 10 best indoor grill forerunners.

How Do I Know Which Is the Right Grill?

Picking the best grill for your needs depends on a lot of factors like price, personal needs, what types of food you plan to cook on it, and which included features are the most important to you.

What Can I Cook on Grills Like This?

It depends a great deal on the food you are cooking. The higher the temperature, the less delicate the food should be. Lower temperatures are more ideal for things like fish and chicken, while higher heats are intended for burgers and steaks. What you can cook depends on what kind of range temperatures the grill has.

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Now that you are fully aware of all of the indoor grilling options available to you, the next step is to pick out the one that best suits some of the needs you have that were mentioned way back at the beginning of this list. Seeing as we have the best grills for small spaces, that genuine charcoal taste, and smell, cooking for a family, portability, versatility, non-stick option, no-fuss, value for the price, non-electric option and for features, you should have no trouble finding exactly what you want with the help of this list.

Never let a rainy day stop the barbecue party ever again with one of these indoor grills! Enjoy the process, make some wonderful food, and have a great time grilling!

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