10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddles on the Market

An outdoor griddle is also called a flat-top grill, and I find that it’s a great alternative to a traditional gas grill. The flat design lets you cook items that a regular grill couldn’t handle. I know there are a ton of breakfast-lovers out there; you know who you are! Get this: You can easily cook tons of bacon, pancakes, eggs, and hash browns all at once.

Most people want the best outdoor gas griddles, and it’s hard to pick just one. You can see the endless griddle options online, but that doesn’t make it any easier to choose something. My ultimate goal today is to make sure you find the best outdoor griddle.

This guide is going to walk you through each of the griddle products, but I don’t stop there. You have to know what to look for when buying a griddle, so I included a helpful buying guide. Let’s get started with a quick comparison in case you don’t have time to read everything!

Short on Time? Consider These Top 3

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Blackstone 36-inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Griddle Best Overall

It's one of the most durable products out there because it contains four stainless steel burners, a cold-rolled steel cooktop, and much more.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Best Runner-up

I really like the non-stick coating on this griddle. Plus, the frame is made of powder-coated steel, which should help keep it protected if you leave it outside.

Blackstone Table Top Grill Best Budget Option

It offers better heat distribution. There's also an easy-to-use dial to control the temperature, but it only goes from low to high. There aren't any specific temperature markings.
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10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddles Comparison Table

Product NameCooking SurfaceNo of BurnerDimensionsWeightPrice
Blackstone 36-inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Griddle720 square inches462.5x22x36 inches140 poundsCheck Price
Camp Chef Flat Top Grill604 square inches462.5x37x22 inches142 poundsCheck Price
Blackstone Table Top Grill, 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle268 square inches117.5x18x8.5 inches21 poundsCheck Price
Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo292 square inches466.1×21.8×43.7 inches100 poundsCheck Price
Blackstone Table Top Grill – 22-inch Portable Gas Griddle330 square inches222.5x19x9 inches32 poundsCheck Price
Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle285 square inches221×20.5×9 inches34 poundsCheck Price
Royal Gourmet PD1202R Portable Gas Griddle221 square inches123.2×14.4×8.7 inches26.5 poundsCheck Price
Happybuy Double Burner Propane Gas Griddle544 square inches232x17x31 inches50.3 poundsCheck Price
Royal Gourmet PD1300, Portable Gas Griddle325.9 square inches325.2x18x9.5 inches30 poundsCheck Price
Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Stainless steel Griddle25 inches116x23x4 inches16 poundsCheck Price

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10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddles on the Market: Detailed Review

1. Blackstone 36-inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Griddle – Best Overall

Those who want the best outdoor gas griddle might want to consider the 36-inch Blackstone Griddle Station. It’s one of the most durable products out there because it contains four stainless steel burners, a cold-rolled steel cooktop, and much more.

It seems that everyone wants to have a great gas grill/griddle. Blackstone makes it easy to handle your outdoor cooking needs with its flat-top grill.

I like that it’s made of stainless steel and gives you a huge cooking space. In fact, the burners give off 60,000 BTUs of heat so that you have various heat zones.

The 36-inch Blackstone Griddle Station features a powder-coated steel frame. I almost wish it didn’t because when that chips off, it looks pretty unsightly.

However, you’re going to appreciate the two side shelves, which help you store the food you’re about to cook and other utensils. I find that this griddle is very easy to clean because of the grease management system, though it could use some work. On top of all that, it uses a standard 20-pound propane tank, which is easy to find at various retail locations.

10Expert Score

Those who want a griddle that's easy to assemble with tons of space should choose this one. Though it isn't pre-seasoned, it's easy to do that yourself!

  • Two different side shelves
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and robust
  • Independent burners
  • Not pre-seasoned
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Side-mount drip tray could be harder to clean

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill – Best Runner-up

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is also a griddle, so you can cook two different ways! You can still see the sear marks on the meat, but you can also cook delicate items or breakfast foods on the flat-top grill. This combination griddle is the perfect solution!

Outdoor cooking has never been easier than with this 4-burner griddle. It features 12,000 BTUs, a matchless ignition system, and has tons of cooking space.

You’re going to love that the top is interchangeable and removable. That way, you get to see the traditional grates. While you can remove the plates from other griddles, most manufacturers don’t recommend using them as a grill. The burners might not have any protection from the juice and grease drips, which could cause flare-ups, clogs, and other problems.

This outdoor gas griddle doesn’t have that problem. Plus, you’re going to enjoy the two side shelves that fold down. You can have a working area when you need it and tuck it away when you don’t.

All of the grease collects in a special bucket, which makes it easy to clean.

However, this is a large product, so it might ship in multiple boxes. You need to have all the parts before building it!

I really like the non-stick coating on this griddle. Plus, the frame is made of powder-coated steel, which should help keep it protected if you leave it outside. However, I still recommend moving it in the shed or covering it.

10Expert Score

If you don't want to season the griddle yourself, this is the perfect product for you. However, it has a large footprint and might be hard to move around.

  • Offers a pre-seasoned, non-stick surface for cooking
  • Removable griddle top for traditional grilling
  • Stainless steel hoods with direct grease management
  • Two shelves underneath for more storage
  • Four independent burners for more temperature control
  • Dials marked with temperatures
  • Large footprint
  • May not heat up evenly
  • Can be hard to move with only two wheels

3. Blackstone Table Top Grill, 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle – Best Budget Option

Those who prefer the best outdoor gas griddle may want to consider the Blackstone Table Top Grill, 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle. Blackstone is a quality brand, and it doesn’t disappoint for flexibility.

I know that everyone doesn’t have space for a huge griddle, so this tabletop version is quite nice. Though the cooking surface is half the size of some of the others, it still has plenty of room to make family meals. Plus, it’s portable and can be taken with you on camping trips.

You’re going to appreciate the electronic igniter, which puts off 12,000 BTUs. Though there’s only one burner, it’s still easy to use and doesn’t do badly when it comes to putting off heat. I also enjoy the integrated grease management option with the drip tray on the front of the griddle. That way, you can easily maintain it.

Whether you’re a pro at using a griddle or not, you’re going to like the H-shaped burner. It offers better heat distribution. There’s also an easy-to-use dial to control the temperature, but it only goes from low to high. There aren’t any specific temperature markings.

This griddle has rubber feet on the bottom to make it more stable. Plus, it’s easy to clean. I’ve found that I just have to wipe it down with some paper towels, and there’s no scraping needed. However, if you leave the caked-on food there for a bit, it could be a tad harder to clean, so don’t put that off at the end of the meal!

10Expert Score

This griddle heats up fast, and it's easy to store the cooking plate to make it more portable. While it can't cook a lot of food, it's a great product for small families or outdoor needs.

  • H-shaped burners for quick heating
  • Store cooking plate upside down
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • All-steel build
  • No space for preparation
  • Not enough heat or surface for large amounts of food

4. Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo – Best Grill and Griddle Combo

Those who want a large cooking surface are sure to appreciate the Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill/Griddle. It’s the perfect combo for those who want the convenience of both a griddle/grill with one appliance. This outdoor gas griddle features a grill grate with a griddle so that you can switch between the two, depending on what you’re cooking and what you want.

I like that this is a 4-burner griddle. It gives off an impressive 48,000 BTUs from the four stainless steel burners. When you combine both the grill and griddle, you get about 584 square inches to cook on.

It’s easy to get started with this flat-top grill because of the push-button ignition. Just hit that button, and it fires right up (though there isn’t any actual fire from the grates). You’re going to appreciate the folding side shelves. Plus, there’s a bottle opener and utensil hooks so you can continue cooking no matter what happens.

If you’re interested in a griddle that’s easy to clean, this one is the best. There’s a grease channel built-in, so everything flows into the removable drip pans. You don’t have a ton of spattering grease popping up and hurting you. With that, you can also have healthier cooking because the food doesn’t just sit in its mess.

You can appreciate that this griddle has a folding cart frame and sturdy caster wheels. That way, you can move it around in the backyard or for storing it.

9.5Expert Score

With four cooking zones, you can cook an entire meal without a fuss. Though the drain for grease gets clogged easily, it's still a great griddle to have on hand.

  • Dual cooking surfaces
  • Four cooking zones
  • Versatile with folding frame
  • Hooks, bottle opener, and a side table
  • Isn’t pre-seasoned
  • Grease drain can get clogged
  • No spare parts included

5. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 22-inch Portable Gas Griddle – Best Tabletop

The 22-inch griddle option from Blackstone is a perfect mid-sized option for your apartment patio or the backyard. It has a larger cooking surface than the 17-inch model I recently reviewed, and it comes in with about 330 sq. in. of space.

If you want the best outdoor gas griddle and don’t have a lot of room, this could be your ideal griddle. Blackstone is well-known for having great products. You’re going to appreciate the H-style stainless steel burners, and the griddle top is made of thick cold-rolled steel. There are also adjustable heat zones to give you everything the 17-inch model offers but with some more room!

I like that this griddle uses some excellent materials for the build to promote durability and better heat distribution. Plus, you also get a grease management system at the back to collect the grease and scraps. It’s so much easier to clean than the 17-inch griddle, and it can still go almost anywhere you want it!

9.5Expert Score

If your goal is portability, this is the product for you. I like that the grease just slides away from the food, but it might not work well in windy conditions.

  • Cold-rolled steel top
  • Perfect for a family of four
  • Easy to use
  • Take it anywhere
  • Well-managed grease assistance
  • Griddle hood and cover available for a separate price
  • Could have a bigger drip tray
  • Not ideal in the wind

6. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle – Best for Beginners

If you want another impressive outdoor gas griddle that’s portable and compact, the Cuisinart brand has you covered. You get a large cooking surface because there are two burners and not just one. That means you can get multiple heat zones. Plus, the 20,000 BTUs of heat is impressive for such a small griddle.

The Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle doesn’t weigh that much, but it still has a decent cooking surface for an entire family. You can take it with you camping or RVing, but you can also leave it set up on the patio or deck.

Unfortunately, there are only 20-pound cylinder hoses, so it could be a bit harder to travel with.

However, it’s easy to install because there are only four parts. Just attach the legs to the base of the body. Then, you can add the thick cold-rolled steel plate to the top. You also get two handles to make it easier to carry around.

There’s a large drip tray that slides in and out from the front, and it’s right by the burner controls. Everything is right there for you to get to, so it’s fun to use every day.

9.5Expert Score

Those who want something durable and strong are going to appreciate this griddle. Though the knob doesn't have markings, you can easily get it set to the right temperature.

  • Cold-rolled steel top
  • Powerful and outputs a lot of heat
  • Independent burner controls for versatility
  • Twist/turn ignition
  • Easily remove cooking plate to clean
  • Durable
  • No control knob markings
  • Short hose at only 4 feet long

7. Royal Gourmet PD1202R Portable Gas Griddle – Best for Camping

Most people want to get a portable griddle because they don’t have much space or like to travel. The Royal Gourmet brand is perfect for cooking while camping and can enhance any meal.

Having an outdoor gas griddle is essential because you can dine outside when the weather is nice. Plus, this griddle comes with a large cooking surface and offers 12,000 BTUs of heat. That means you can easily cook eight burgers at the same time. If you hope for breakfast, there’s a feast awaiting you with hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon cooked in a flash.

Outdoor dining is easier with this non-stick griddle. Plus, the integrated igniter quickly starts the burners. I like the porcelain-enameled surface because it gets hot quickly.

You’re going to appreciate the grease tray because it slides out easily to clean up faster. Plus, the detachable griddle top makes it easier to scrub it down when the meal’s over.

9Expert Score

Those who want something light are sure to appreciate this griddle. It puts out the heat and features a push-button start. You're well on your way to cooking delicious meals on it!

  • Uses a 1-pound propane tank (gas)
  • Offers 12,000 BTUs
  • Detachable griddle top
  • Easy push-button start
  • Light and portable
  • Durable when using
  • Only color is red
  • Small grease tray

8. Happybuy Double Burner Propane Gas Griddle – Best for Tailgating

When you want an outdoor gas griddle, it’s essential to go with the best one. Happybuy makes it easy to love its griddle. You get tons of cooking space, and it’s enough to feed four people easily.

I like that this griddle is tiny but very powerful. You can cook different foods, such as cheesesteaks, hamburgers, veggies, and so much more. In fact, ideal for outdoor cooking because of the cast-iron burners.

You can move the griddle wherever you need it, making it a highly versatile option. Plus, the cooking surface is wide enough to make tons of food without being inconvenient and in the way. I especially like the handles on it, making it portable and easy to transport.

9Expert Score

Those who have really small spaces may find it a bit overwhelming. However, it's versatile and easy to store because the legs come off!

  • Features cast-iron burners
  • 150,000 BTUs on such a small griddle
  • Amazing handles
  • Can detach the legs
  • Versatile
  • Can be a bit too large for confined spaces
  • Could be unstable at times

9. Royal Gourmet PD1300, Portable Gas Griddle – Best for Small Patios/Areas

When you want plenty of cooking space, you need the right outdoor gas griddle. You’re going to have an amazing experience with the Royal Gourmet brand. It has a porcelain-enamel top, so food doesn’t stick, and it gets heated up fast. Plus, there are three burners with a ring shape to offer even heating.

I find that this griddle is very tiny, but it’s still powerful with 25,000 BTUs. You’re going to love the stainless steel control panel. Plus, the detachable grease cup makes cleanup a breeze. There’s also a regulator built into the griddle for a regular 20-pound gas tank. However, what takes the cake is the Piezo Ignition System. It’s so easy to get the griddle started so that you can start cooking immediately!

Though it’s compact, you can still cook 15 pancakes at once, and it can sit right on your apartment patio. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors every day and still cook delicious meals.

9Expert Score

If you want something that is easy to start, this is the griddle for you. Plus, it's portable, but it might cook too fast, so be wary of that when using it.

  • Easy to use and quick to start
  • Sufficient cooking surface for a small group
  • Easy to move and portable
  • Can lose the nonstick coating with time
  • Could be hot spots that cook food too quickly

10. Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Stainless Steel Griddle – Best for Current Grills

Some people just don’t want to invest in a true outdoor gas griddle. They might not be ready for that or might not have the budget. If you need to expand your outdoor cooking surface and only have a grill, the Little Griddle is the perfect choice. Just put it on your current grill, and turn it into a griddle with ease!

This isn’t a traditional griddle and doesn’t use propane by itself. However, it’s durable and lightweight. Plus, it rests roughly 2 inches over the grill’s surface. That means it’s easy to use. I’m impressed that it’s made with restaurant-grade stainless steel!

There’s even cross-bracing on the underside to help it heat up quickly. On top of that, the griddle isn’t going to slide off the grill!

That’s not all to love about this little guy. The removable handles are what make this truly unique. They are on each side and make it easier to grab it off the hot grill and set it down somewhere. I recommend that you use hot pads so that you don’t burn your table or hands. However, they come off, which can be helpful if you want to close the grill hood and there’s not quite enough room.

8.5Expert Score

If you don't mind waiting a bit, this griddle can work well. It's slow to heat and not very wide, but you do get even heating!

  • Cross-bracing
  • Removable handles
  • Even heating
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can become less non-stick with time
  • Can be slow to heat up
  • Isn’t as wide as most backyard grills

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Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best outdoor gas griddles is easier with the helpful reviews I included earlier. However, you need to know what to look for and what criteria I used to tell you which one was the best outdoor griddle. This buying guide has all the info you need to make the right choice:


The size of your griddle is very important because it tells you how many people you can feed and where you can be while doing it. For example, if you’re going to be cooking while camping, you need a griddle that’s portable but still has a big enough cooking surface for what you plan to make.

Some griddles are big enough that they could accommodate hundreds of people. You probably aren’t going to need that much room unless you regularly cook for large groups at your house. A portable griddle is excellent if you want to store it somewhere to go camping/hunting with it.

Burner Count

A griddle could have hot or cold zones because of the burners. When you have more burners under the griddle surface, the heat covers the entire space and gets it hot faster. I find that this is essential if you plan to cook a lot of food simultaneously.

When you’ve got more burners, you have better temperature control for the griddle. If you don’t usually cook a lot of food, you could go with one or two burners and have a smaller unit.


A gas griddle surface could be made from different materials. I prefer ones made of stainless steel or chrome because they are more resistant to rust and damage.

If you need a cheaper option, you can get something made of steel or aluminum. I find that these often have a heat-resistant coating material on them to extend the cooking surface of the griddle. However, it can wear off with time.

Thicker surfaces are always better than thin ones since they offer better heat distribution.

Temperature Control

You have to watch your gas griddle closely so that you don’t end up having burnt food. Typically, I think the right griddle is one with dials and control knobs to help control the level of heat.


Having a portable griddle is important to many people, and it can still be large enough to feed a small army. That way, you can use the griddle at home for large parties, but you can also pack it for your camping trip. Look for griddles with wheels and handles to make it easier to move.

On top of that, though, you should also think about the propane tank. You have to transport that, too, so you may want a smaller one (1 pound) unless you’re cooking for long periods.

Easy to Clean

You don’t want to spend hours cleaning your griddle after you use it. Therefore, you want the griddle to be easy to clean. I find that a grease management system can make life so much better. It has a removable grease cup or pan, so you can dump it out and have less of a mess on the griddle itself.


A griddle can get expensive quickly. I did include a few budget-friendly options here so that you can get something of quality without giving you a heart attack. However, when you buy the griddle of your dreams, make sure you factor in the cost of gas because that’s a recurring expense.

Storage and Protection

If the griddle is quite large, you probably can’t put it in the garage or shed easily. Many manufacturers make covers for their griddles, which can help you prolong their lifespan.

I recommend getting a portable griddle just for the fact that you can let it cool off and put it in the shed. That way, it’s out of the elements, and there’s less risk of it getting stolen.

The best location is a place that’s cool and dry. It’s not going to rust, and the propane isn’t going to get overheated.

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This is the moment of truth: You’ve read all there is to know about the best outdoor gas griddles, and you’re finally ready to decide. However, you may still have questions and aren’t sure if a griddle is suitable for you. I get it; it’s hard to pick the best product, and you don’t want to get it wrong. A griddle is a huge commitment and can get expensive!

If you still have questions, I completely understand. When I bought my first griddle, I had tons of concerns, and these are some of the questions I wondered about. That’s why I included them here to help you!

How Are Outdoor Gas Griddles Different than a Standard Gas Grill?

Gas griddles use a flat and open cooking surface, and they’re often made of steel. Then, the top is heated using gas burners that sit underneath its cooking surface.

The Griddle surface gives you a uniform area to cook on, but it doesn’t leave any marks on the food. Plus, it’s easier to clean than a traditional grill. Since there aren’t any direct flames touching the items, you don’t need to deal with flare-ups.

Typically, gas griddles let you cook everything your normally might on a grill. You can also make pancakes, eggs, and fragile foods on your griddle surface.

There are some differences between a grill and griddle, and I think it’s essential that you know what they are:

  • Convenience – Grills are often harder to carry or move around because they have small wheels and thin legs. On the other hand, a griddle is smaller and more portable. Plus, some of them can sit on a tabletop or fit on an existing grill.
  • Time – A grill cooks faster than a griddle because grills can reach a higher cooking temperature. There are open flames to give the food more heat than griddle burners. Still, griddles cook pretty fast for most things.
  • Taste and Texture – Typically, grills give your food a charred texture to add smokiness to the meat. A griddle, on the other hand, provides you more of a fried flavor since there’s a smooth cooking surface.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Flat Top Griddle Instead of a Standard Gas Grill?

Using a flat-top griddle opens up a brand new world for cooking. You can make omelets and pancakes, fry eggs, and use it like you might a frying pan.

Just think of the flat-top griddle as your outdoor stove. There aren’t any gaps for the food to escape. Since there’s a solid cooking surface for gas griddles, moisture stays in the food, giving you juicy hamburgers and other meats.

You can also cook delicate foods, such as veggies and fish, because of the solid heated surface. If you want, invest in a good meat press weight to push the food to the surface and get even cooking and a better crust.

Do I Need to Season the Griddle?

Many of the griddles I chose were pre-seasoned, but some of them aren’t. If there’s a silver surface (stainless steel or regular steel), you need to season it. The black coating is a sign that it’s already seasoned.

I recommend using an oil with a higher smoke point, such as coconut oil or shortening. Lightly cover the entire cook surface when the griddle has been preheated. Make sure it’s a super-thin coating and get into every nook and cranny.

Let your oil heat up so that the surface changes color (this can take a while). Don’t be alarmed if you see smoke. That just means the oil is going to bond with the metal, and that’s what you want. When there’s no more oil left, apply another layer and repeat the process. Then, turn off your griddle and let it cool down completely.

What Types of Foods Can I Cook on a Griddle?

When I mention ‘griddle,’ most people think of breakfast foods, which cook well on a griddle. However, your gas griddle can do so much more than that. If you don’t care about grill marks, you can cook anything on a griddle that you might cook on a grill. It just depends on your preferences.

What Are Some Tips for Cooking on a Griddle?

Gas griddles can do so much. If you want to make the most of your large cooking surface, I suggest trying these fun meals:

  • Saute some chicken or steak strips with vegetables to make fajitas. Warm up some tortillas right on the griddle!
  • Use a weighted press and make panini sandwiches or burritos right outside!
  • Invite some friends to brunch and have an omelet station with the griddle as the star of the show.
  • Cook some meat on the grill first. Then, on the griddle, create a Chinese stir-fry and add the pre-grilled meat. Throw in some noodles or rice for a healthy and creative dinner!
  • Take the griddle on your next camping or tailgating trip. Get tons of burgers going at once so that you can eat and hang with your friends instead of cooking.
  • Do you like local breakfast smorgasbords with tons of foods piled up and covered in cheese? Make your own on the griddle every morning for a great start to the day!

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Final Thoughts

Cooking with gas is a new and exciting experience than using a regular gas grill. You can hear the crackle and sizzle, but you can also make pancakes and eggs with the best outdoor gas griddles.

I hope that you’re inspired to take on the best outdoor griddles, and any of the products listed are a great starting point. However, I feel that the Blackstone 36-inch Gas Grill and Griddle has everything you could want and more. You get a large area for cooking, it’s made of high-quality materials, and there are four burners to help you cook for a big family or have a party.

Ultimately, I’m sure you’re going to find it hard to get back in the kitchen to make omelets, pancakes, and other tasty dishes once you’ve used a griddle. Though you don’t get sear marks or have that charred flavor on the meat, you can cook so much more with a griddle.

Happy griddling!

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